Pets-Why do we love them so?

Danny looking comfortable

Danny looking comfortable

A very old wise man once said
to all who would listen to him speak
“A home without any pets
is really not a home at all.
Just a place to eat and sleep
devoid of the love that a pet provides”.

With that, his followers all rushed out
and pigs and goats and a donkey or two
appeared in the houses to make them home
but they of course had got it wrong.
“No, No”, he cried,”You misunderstood
I was thinking more along
the lines of cats and dogs
something smaller and so much more
cuddly and cleaner too”.

And so it came about
that every home from there on out
had a cat and maybe a dog
to brighten the lives of all inside.
and from that day on companions all
living together side by side.

For those of us with pets at home
maybe  a dog or two or even a cat
are always subject to their needs
as they rely on us for the deeds
which they cannot do for themselves
like open the door or fill the bowl
with food and water for them to partake
at least why we are still awake.

In return what do we get
undying love and devotion too
companionship and a work out friend
always ready for a run
and even though you have just begun
and you are already tired
your tireless friend who by your side
urges you on to go further still
oh darn, here comes another hill.

Cat’s, on the other hand
do disdain from exercise
for them the most they ever do
is walk to their bowls or maybe your chair
where they will find a comfortable lap
and settle down and take a nap
for twenty hours out of twenty-four
staying asleep is no chore.

When all is well and their health is good
life is never misunderstood
but when one gets sick or even worse
joins his maker in the Universe
then sad are we heavy with grief
and we think of the times we once had
and we turn back to the others left behind
and consolation with them do we find.

Brown Cat

Brown Cat

Dedicated to all of the cats and dogs that unknowingly provide us with so much love.

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