Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah

I went a day without a say
and found I couldn’t stand it
So to make a change and have things my way
I complained to the neighbor
I have no idea what complaint I had
but it must not have been too bad as
she in turn gave me hell
for being so miserable
part of what she said to me was
“Get over it you fool”.

No one has called me a fool in a while
I couldn’t help but break into a smile
and then we both began to laugh
as her comment hit home, I must be daft
to think that an argument I could win
with someone of the opposite sex
after three marriages I would learn
and pick my fights with a better bet.

Next time I want to blow of steam
you can be sure that I have learned
and my argument will be at the dogs
who obviously will not understand
and will still love me no matter what
stupid things I care to say
just as long as I don’t raise my voice
everything will work out OK.

Of course I am making this up
as my neighbor I have not seen
but the line popped into my head
and seemed like a good piece to write
notice that the picture above
is of a very peaceful scene
which is how I feel most of the time
except when my favorite football team
does something stupid and loses a game
and that is when I really complain…


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