Arguments, Personalities and Living Together.

Sunset in July

The friend who just reminded me
just how cruel life can be
was talking about the man she adores
and has lived with for ten years or more
who has changed at least it seems to her
and maybe he doesn’t even care
of how he hurts when they fight
because he cannot see things right
at least according to the light
way she talks about their relationship
and how everything is about him
and never giving a thought to her.

Where has love gone you might say
is it still there hidden in the words
as disagree they like many couples do
when arguments get in the way and the few
times they both agree as trying to live in harmony
is difficult enough when things are fine
but are made even worse
if things have crossed the line.

Is there hope for these two you say
will they live and fight another day
or will this one be the last
and everything else will be past
history, a memory to store away
to recall  again another day
“Oh, that one, yes when things were fine
we had fun together and had a good time
but in the end it all came to a stop
as neither of us cared a jot enough to back off
in that last argument and went storming ahead
until we had burned our bridges behind with what we had said”.

Life can be so bloody cruel
it does not help that we can be fools
and not shut up when we had the chance
instead we led a merry dance
all for the sake that we cannot hide
the fact we have too much pride
which gets in the way when we take sides.

I love my friends, both of them
and hate to see what they have become
and hope that between them they will see the light
and try very hard with all of their might
to put this behind them so they can say
“We survived to fight another day”.
or maybe what they need to say
“Our love survived for another day”.

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