Poetry and the need to write…

I've found a love, greater than life itself...

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My brain is working overtime
and everything is coming out rhyme
I get that way it has to be said
When important things have crossed my mind.

First, I was worried about my friends
in case their life’s journey is at an end
as I have no control over that
it’s time to move on like a rat
deserting the sinking ship, I go
look for something else to say
as life moves on its merry way.

Tomorrow a new day brings
and with it comes many new things
what is in store for me, it’s hard to say
looking in the future is not my way.

I really wish it was although not everything
I wish to see, a friend’s death, a disaster there
a fortune lost or maybe won
to see my own impending doom
is not something as it would ruin
any chance of enjoying the day
and would definitely get in the way.

Wishful thinking on my part
as I do not have the art of seeing
into the future instead
must take each day, each second
and make the most of being alive
as time marches on and I reckon
that somewhere out there is a date
with my name on it and I won’t be late

Not that I will have a choice
but even so it would be nice
to have things in order and arrangements made
so everyone that I leave behind
knows I was thinking of them at this time.
Oh by the way, I need to say
that I don’t plan on this happening today.

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