Topsy-Turvy Life


Man and Woman arguing

Man and Woman arguing

One of my friends reminded me
just how fickle life can be.
Just when you think you have it made
along comes life and lets you see
that you are not in control but you know
that is the way life is and we are stuck
in the middle with not much choice
as things don’t announce themselves with voice
or with something we can prepare against
but instead, sneak up to catch us unawares
and then the only thing for us is to react
or maybe kick up a fuss which is generally
The first way we choose to be.

There are many ways to fuss
Crying, screaming are the woman’s way
along with silence and grumpy responses
and the cold shoulder routine always works well
to make the man feel like he’s in hell.

Men usually act a different way
for them its important they have the last word
As they are always right they have heard
that the man is the boss at least in their mind
So, if raised voices do not do the trick
then the man will react by slamming the door
as he stomps out the room not looking for more.

But I did not start this to compare
man versus woman as they fight
but rather to see what brought us here
where two people who normally love
can get upset to the degree
that they hate each other temporarily
and say bad things that both will regret
when things have cooled and normality is set.

I have thought about it for many years
and have come to the conclusion that life is too short
to be fighting against the one we thought
we love the most.

And yet, the pressures are so great
and there is so much at stake
if you choose to take a bride
you must be prepared to not take sides
and be more forgiving and helpful too
and don’t act like you haven’t a clue
when it comes to sharing your life
with the one you have taken for your wife.

The same rules apply to all of our friends
as differences in opinion do arise
but nothing is worth being a jerk
instead to meet at the halfway point
To settle the differences without a fight.


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