The Last of So Many

Life is but a dream but with limited time…

This is the very last post the I will write for this site.

Those of you that follow my blog, may have read that I have opened a new site at which will really be a continuance of my writing but with very little if any, pond related items. There will be more emphasis on living in an RV full time with articles about life at different campgrounds and my travels through this great country and places that I hope to visit in the future.

I wanted the title to reflect the change in circumstance but the original post heading of pondblog2011 does not do that. As that is also the domain name, then the only way out was to start over with a new domain hence Living in an RV. Incidentally, the 2011 in the heading was the year I first started posting to that site. Now, 1170 posts and 10 years later, the journey for that site is coming to an end.

The site will still be available for any of you that wish to go back and reread the blogs or the poetry as I am not planning on taking it down any time soon. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, all of you that have followed me over all of those years especially those that have taken the time to comment. Those kind words mean so much and are one of the driving forces that keep me blogging. That and being able to express my innermost thoughts for all to share even if you, the readers, don’t always agree with them.

Of the 1170 posts, 365 of them have been poems going all the way back to the first one I ever published, entitled “Kids in the Park” written on September 12, 2011. I find that writing poetry is more rewarding than just writing articles but it does take a different mindset. It also brings home how life is constantly changing as I no longer coach little boys in the game of soccer. Age and interest have moved me on to other things which is really the story of life. The one constant has been the writing which I find both stimulating and as I said before, very rewarding.

I hope that those of you that follow my blogs will continue to do so at the new site as nothing much will change. Well that is not entirely true as there will probably not be any articles about ponds or the Pond Society as those will be gone along with the sale of the house and any connection that I have with ponds and ponding and Pond Society itself. The ponds have given me much pleasure over the past 30 years mostly in the actual building of the ponds but the fish and wildlife do have their many positives, even though three ponds and over 150 fish are a lot of work. That part I won’t miss. Nor the expense of buying new pumps or even worse, netting out very large fish that have died for various reasons and tossing them over the fence for other wildlife to benefit.

Life is in constant change whether it be by choice or circumstance. That is the way of the world as we spend our very limited time on this wonderful planet. To you my readers, I want to thank you for following me over the years and hope that I have the pleasure of your company on the new site. Drop me a “Hello” after you check it out and once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Written 02/01/2021

19 thoughts on “The Last of So Many

  1. Aw, no more stories about brown snake and the turtles, I know that building all of those ponds was great fun and so rewarding, but I know too how nice it will be not to have to worry about them anymore.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  2. Well, thank you for sharing all that you have on this site. I will miss your wildlife stories, but I am sure you will see some in your RVing adventures. I look forward to reading about them on your new blog!

  3. I am hardly on WP but when I do I visit some of my loyal readers and followers and will also do so when you go to that new site. See ya!

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