Today’s Ramblings

It’s been a week or more since my last blog and that was a poem about my little boys soccer team.They had a game yesterday and didn’t do so well losing 4-1. We do have another game today so maybe there will be better things to write about this evening.

To make matters worse, my most favorite team, Manchester United, lost big time to their cross town rivals, Manchester City. They didn’t just lose, they were annihilated 6-1. This was billed as the game of the week with City top of the table and United second and usually it is a very good game but today, everything went wrong for them. They lost a player to a stupid tackle just outside the box on the last player rule and had to play the entire rest of the second half, down a man.

In truth, after a magnificent start to the season playing some great flowing, fast attacking soccer, United looked totally unstoppable but for the last three, make that four games, they have lost their edge and only their fighting spirit had kept them on the winning track.. Today, they even lost their fighting spirit. There is a lot of the season left and Sir Alex will get them shaped up. They may not win the league but should finish in the top four.

As for City, it’s amazing what money can buy. Just like Chelsea, if you got the bucks, you can buy a team. I personally have very little time and patience with “bought” teams preferring those that use their youngsters as they come through the ranks or taking younger, inexperienced players and turning them into superstars.

On the garden scene, thank goodness the weather really is fall like. Cooler days. cold mornings and a chill in the air in the evenings. We got three inches of rain last week, the first in months and I have been able to take a break from the incessant hand watering. If we don’t get more rain soon, I will need to start back up again. I thought I heard yesterday that we are thirteen inches down on water for the year and the ground has very little moisture in it even at the deeper level.

I stopped at the Wildflower Center for their plant sale last week and picked up a few native plants mostly of the shrub variety. I am going to gradually convert the entire yard to Texas native plants in the hopes of less work in the summer in trying to keep things alive. The Garden Center is truly a fun place to go if you are into any form of natural gardening, Their gardens are a showplace full of natural Texas wonders and I get some wonderful ideas just walking around. Of course having ideas and then putting them into practice are two totally separate things but I can dream, can’t I?

Well, after getting up early (for me), to watch my team lose, I now have the rest of this beautiful day to work out in the yard. I have bird feeders that need to be filled, new plants to water, leaves to rake and ponds to take care of before I leave around 2:30 pm to coach my little boys team who I hope, can make up for the disappointment of watching the Professionals lose.

If they can’t, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about watching them grow and hoping to make a difference and the fact that I woke up this morning and that it is another beautiful day and that I feel alive and grateful. That’s what it’s about.

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