Two Families

We had another game today, a game we won, I’m happy to say,
The boys all played so very well, they gave their Parents quite a thrill,
The score itself was four to two, goals scored by different players who,
all worked so hard and played as a team, in order to keep up the dream,
Of one day a really good player to be, while trying to please their family,
Families of which there are two, one at home of the regular kind, who
with a Mom and Dad and maybe you’ll find, a brother and sister, a siblings or two,
while the other are the boys who make up the team,
who play together with the improbable dream, of one day seeing their name in lights,
and climbing the most impossible heights,
but for now satisfied they will be, to record a win for both families,
The one at home comfortable and warm, and the one at the soccer field, noisy and loud,
a bunch of young boys, team mates and proud, to be, a member of this soccer family.

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