That Durn Rain

Rainy Day

The little boys were due to play
in a tournament far, far away
in a place called Bryan College Station.
Alas but it was not to be
and for them, unluckily
the weather had not heard
that the boys would be in town to play
and did not cooperate in any way
but instead it rained, it poured and the heavens did open
sending water cascading over the ground
so much so that the fields were found
to be far too wet to play games
unless maybe water polo or even a swim
would suffice but needless to say
no soccer was played on this wet day.

And so the Tournament had to be cancelled
and the boys had to find other things to do
as Mother Nature in her own impeccable way
chose to spoil another perfectly good day.

Remember, complaining I am not
I’m sorry that the boys forgot
that even though no games did
play on this another rained out day
but above all else we must not forget
that rain is a good thing in this State
and little we had these past few months
and more we can use at any time
even though sadness is caused when timing is not right
and no games get played because of the might
and the will of Mother Nature.