Making Things Different

It’s Bluebonnet season

What can I do to make my day
different in any way
than the days that came before
and the virus evened up the score
keeping us so close to home
even those that live alone
and are used to being by themselves
staying indoors and tidying shelves
and anything else to pass the time
cleaning and sweeping tasks so divine
that get put to one side on a different day
but now while the virus is in full sway
as cleaning house is something to do
shall I do it tomorrow I haven’t a clue
tomorrow might bring another day
but the Corona virus will not go away
and we have to live out
within our homes without a doubt
the safest place that we can be
as we wait for the time in history
when the virus is declared officially gone
and the world around will carry on.

Written 4/6/2020