As We Grow Old

As we grow old we are sometimes alone
maybe through no fault of our own
and even in another life
we may even have had a wife
or two or three whatever the odds
and their actions mean we lost the toss
and even though they left us to go
and we grew too old and willing to roam
and had not the urge to pick up the phone
instead choosing to live alone
along with our pets who are our friends
who stay with us until their end
both dogs and cats are in that group
with one another in an endless loop
as such short lives they all do have
and when they are gone we are so sad
at losing yet another mate
whose love for us had been their fate
if I had one last request
it would be that at my behest
when I die and my soul moves on
and even if there is no song
I want it to be at the very same place
where all of my pets at their Pearly Gates
are waiting for me and welcome me home
and together we will never be alone
for the past twenty years my pets and I
have looked after each other with the lows and the highs
they have been there through good times and bad
and comforted me when I was sad
and carefully laid their chin on my knee
which was their way of comforting me
and in return I would stroke their fur
and the troubles would lessen with them being there
as I grow old with the passing years
and know that my end and all of my fears
will someday no longer be
and I hope then that my destiny
once young and vibrant and full of life
now old and wrinkled no longer in strife
my pets will still have someone to care
and look after them as I am not there
to give them the love that has been their life
and look after them without any strife
and even though their lives are short
this is one time that I have to report
that they could well outlive me
as my life fades into history.

For the love of a pet or in my case, many pets…

Written 4/15/2019

Meandering Thoughts


Samantha, Fats at the back, Whiskey Bean, Manfried is the Maltese in front and then Ennery. plus two cats.

I just finished writing a blog
an exercise in thoughts you might say
as I had to remember back fifty years
when the first dog came my way.

In it’s own way it was fun
remembering back all that time
and the memories of all of the dogs
stirred other thoughts of a different kind.

Of time spent in the country where I was born
and the people there that I knew
the life I lived and the jobs that I had
and the wives of which there were two.

A childhood romance when we were young
not knowing what life was all about
bringing into this world two beautiful sons
before life filled us full of doubt.

Into another’s arms her love to feel
with struggle and strife along the way
and finally making it all worthwhile
as off to America a new life a new way.

Sadly America was not the cure
for after ten years of married bliss
all of the dreams came tumbling down
my world fell into the abyss.

Another lady filled the void
with her life was full as it could be
after fifteen years of married bliss
once more back to misery.

I decided I was not the marrying kind
and spent the next twenty five years alone
except for the dogs of which there were many
everyone important as though to atone.

For the fact that I make a terrible mate
but a friend to the dogs is not very hard
and the love for a woman seemed not to be there
but I love all dogs with the highest regard.

If I could live my life again
there would be many things I would change
but there is one thing of which I am sure
my love for all dogs is stronger than before.

Wives would have no part of that life
as they only bring trouble and strife
instead my life would be full of dogs
with wagging tails and sloppy tongues.

And love so strong it is a shame
their lives are so short and sweet
but another is ready to take it’s place
with instant love as soon as we meet.

Written 1/19/2018

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It is very plain to see that people who are just like me, a bachelor for many a year who, you would think hadn’t a care.

Sometimes, this is not entirely true when one thinks back at all of those who,  fate has touched in this life and yet I do not have a wife.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been trying, if I did I would be lying but it somehow seems that fate has other dreams for people such as I.

I have been a married man before, not once, not twice but three times the score. I enjoyed the married life, even if it meant a wife, to tell me what to do. All of those chores and honey-dew’s, created problems for me (and you) and yet to this I endured in my life, the joys and sorrows of having a wife.

The first I was but just a child, knowing nothing of the wild, life that I was into. I tried real hard until the day, my wife came up to me to say, I am leaving you this way. Without so much as a single glance, out through the door and out of my life she danced leaving me to vent, my anger and frustration. I know not what I vented it on, probably beer and wine and women and song. All in the hopes that one day, a beautiful wife would come my way.

When all was said and done and I had gotten over number one, the second appeared one winters night at the local tavern and in spite of the fact that a married women she, we fell in love for eternity, at least that is what it we hoped it would be.

For the next fifteen years of life we spent together with many a strife as Husband number one did find and vent his anger of the physical kind to make us pay for our time together but we endured what we thought was forever.

From England to America we went on a boat of the kind that we spent seven days afloat this monster craft. A storm blew up halfway through which slowed the progress of our move. We hoped the answer to our dreams would be achieved by this means of this we were so sure. We lived our life in America with ups and downs that the new life brought. Alas, fifteen years later, things were no better so we mutually agreed that this new life that we had planned had now come to an end.

Talking about wife number three she was much younger than me which I at first thought wouldn’t be trouble but sure enough fifteen years later, a scene so familiar would come in the form of a paper. It began”Dear John” but we all know that this form of letter does not get better and true to form a bachelor again was born.

When I look back at my three attempts and try to think what each has meant, my thoughts turn to love and what it is, so fickle an emotion that makes it possible to flit, from women to women.

In retrospect wife number one, a beauty that was a lot of fun, she made me laugh but most of all she awakened in me the mating call and in retrospect it was her shape that I did see and did believe that her love was for me.

Wife number two was of a different kind, older and wiser but still in her prime. For the first time in my life, I fell in love and made her my wife. Our love was of a wondrous kind when our eyes met across the room our love would flash one to the other and life would be forever a wonder. Alas, such love could not last and faded away as the time passed.

Wife number three was a different woman, a girl when we met which was a problem and with me old enough to be her Father and yet we had a love like no other and to this day I have to say that a part of me still feels that way with love that we shared over many a year. I was most sad when she in strife said that she wanted a different life for herself. I have no one to blame and yet I am the same in believing that she did once love me.

I lament that the last 20 years have been spent a bachelor free. To do just what I want to do whenever that may be.

But there is many a time, when a womans touch would be so divine but what I am missing from this life, I could not find in a wife.

The truth of the matter is, I really like it that I am able. I like the beauty and the wit that a women brings to the table. But, what it is I am really saying is that I am not able to live with one for any time and so I have no one to blame other than my feeble frame and a mind so selfish that I feel rather helpless to be the way I am.

On second thoughts, life’s not so bad. I have my pets and they don’t get mad. I can do the things I want to do and view the things I want to view and spend my money on God knows what without having to care a jot. I have my friends who really care and always make sure that I fare, well in my life. Most of all I have my health which is worth much more than wealth and even though at seventy-five, it is still great to be alive.

I just realized, that life is good or maybe that I should, give thanks to those who have shared my life, whether they have been my wife or just my friends or even those, like ships in the night have passed without so much as a backward glance.