Texas Weather and Other Things

This just about describes Texas weather

Every year around about this time, Texas explodes into a roaring furnace of very hot weather and this year is no exception. Yesterday, July 11th was the first of probably many 100 degree days. It has been building for a couple of weeks with the thermometer slowly creeping up to the century mark and yesterday it hit payload with a temperature of 101 degrees. Even anything in the high 90’s is hot. Today, same thing and we can safely assume that there will be many more. The record is 70, 100 degree days set back in 2011.

For me, unless there is an emergency with the ponds, I tend to hibernate staying in with the A/C going full blast set at a comfortable 78 degrees. I also add a couple of fans directed in my vicinity to keep the air moving. The dogs know which is the coolest place in the house and they can be found in their baskets, sleeping under the table that I use for a desk.

We have gotten into the habit of taking a walk for exercise late in the afternoons and Sandy will not allow us to forget this. Mikey, not so much although he willingly goes along. Me, I have no choice in the matter as the woman of the house has decreed that it is time for a walk so off we go. I usually change into shorts as I know that by the time we get back, I will be totally soaked. We like to leave it until 7:45 pm or so as by then, at least there is some shade even as it does not really start to cool down until much later in the evening. Used to be that the heat didn’t bother me but as I have grown older, I find that I am less tolerant of it. We usually cover around 2 miles all in the local neighborhood which means that we also cover a lot of the same ground over and over, day after day. We get to meet a few of the neighbors who are also out for the exercise some which have dogs. Sandy, does not behave very well when she meets other dogs and even though she is a small dog, she wants to pick a fight with everyone of them from the little female Dachshund to the big German Shepherd. So we get into this barking except in her case, they are screams and sound terrible and its damned embarrassing. The other walkers by now know what she is like and laugh it off, thank goodness. She badly needs some training at least in behavior. I don’t know if she would really fight or is just trying to antagonize the other dogs. I sure don’t want to find out. Meanwhile Mikey, while all of this is going on, is trying to jump up into my arms just in case full blooded fight does break out. He is a lover, not a fighter and figures that I will protect him. What a wimp.


On these latest hot days, I have been filling in my time researching Travel Trailers with an eye to purchasing one and hitting the highways around this great country and at the same time, find some cooler States for the summer. This will be my last great adventure and when I get that I can’t drive anymore, I will find a nice RV Park to live out my remaining days preferably not in Texas. Hopefully, that is way down the road and my blogs will then consist of all that happens on this, the next great adventure.

Written 7/12/2020