Texas Heat

In need of rain…

I went outside to work today
but it was so darn hot that I could not stay
and had to stop the task in hand
and it messed up all of my plans
of things that I wanted to do
which means that I will have to start anew
but it is not going to cool down
as this is Texas and it is renowned
for the heat of the summers always so hot
making the body perspire a lot
when the temperature reaches a hundred degrees
and too much of it makes you weak at the knees
we know it will happen the same every year
the summers are hot and the skies are all clear
and the ground dries up and the plants need the rain
and then the clouds will form and sometimes sustain
long enough to bring a shower or two
to cool things off just to do it anew
it is no good thinking that the following day
will be any different as this is the way
of the summers in Texas for thousands of years
have always been hot as the sun domineers
so tomorrow instead I will get up at dawn
and get out early to mow the lawn
and do the things that I need to do
and grow with the heat as I start anew
of one thing you can be very sure
the Texas heat is hard to endure
whether you care and like it or not
the Texas summers are bloody hot.

Written 6/27/2019

It’s Back…

HotWeatherThe heat, the bloody Texas heat
is back with us again
though Spring did last till the start of June
it too has finally passed.

Now we are back to our normal climes
no rain or clouds in the sky
but one thing we can be sure
the sun is shining bright.

Temperatures of 100 degrees
are now getting to be the norm
and the only time to be outside
is early in the morn.

Do I mind how hot it gets
depends on what I’m doing
if I’m just walking around the yard
then I don’t feel like I’m stewing.

If I want to take a hike
or work outside a while
then I do not like the heat
as it make me feel fragile.

I spend a lot of time indoors
making up silly ditties
got to do something to pass the time
even if they are quite clueless.


Working in the yard or sweating in the gym

lifting weightsI went to work out in the yard
where I hadn’t done much in a while
I had stayed indoors because of the heat
and worked on pieces for the blog

Instead of starting in the morn
I waited until my work was done
so when I finally stepped outside
the sun was high and shining bright

I grabbed the rake to clean the paths
full of lot’s of good intent
but after raking a couple of them
my shirt was soaked and covered in sweat.

I thought, “To hell with this,
I do not need to be out here
and put up the rake and went indoors
and changed my sweaty clothes for shorts.

I jumped into the car as I grabbed my bag
making sure to have a water bottle or two
and went to the gym where I worked out
until I was sweating just like before.

The difference being gym sweat is good
as it means that I am working hard
as opposed to sweating out in the yard
just thinking of raking all those leaves.


Raking Leaves

Two hours later I was through
and drove back home and walked outside
and decided that I was way too tired
and the leaves could keep so I let them ride

I guess the moral of the story is
to pick and choose at what to work hard
and weigh the benefits  to the mind
and choose the most satisfying kind.

Its Hot. What do you expect for Texas…


Looking over a sun baked field

Looking over a sun-baked field

After a month or two of pleasant times
with temperatures not unduly high
hoping this might be the year
when the weather is kind to us
but this last week things have changed
with not a rain cloud in the sky
and Nature has reverted true to form
with temperatures back to the norm.

After such a slow start
with Mother nature being a dear
we were wondering what is happening to us
able to work outside without fear
of burning up or feeling faint
no energy to do our tasks
but gradually things have changed
and summer time in Texas is here at last.

For those of you from cooler climes
Eighty degrees are probably hot
and if ever ninety degrees it reached
then a heat wave is your lot
try going out when the temperature is high
lets say a hundred degrees or more
and it hits like a furnace on your face
when you step outside the door.

Welcome to Texas is all I can say
as that is what its like here today
a hundred degrees and probably more
when I step outside my door
to go to the store with things to buy
and in the car it is so cool
but when from the car I dare to step
its hot, so bloody hot and I know
that the Texas summer is now on show.

Not much of a crop

Not much of a crop


Texas Heat

Texas heat and what it can do

Texas heat and what it can do

It’s July already and what do you know
Mother Nature is running a little slow
so far the weather has been cool and nice
and we have not yet sacrificed
in order to be outside in the heat
as so far it’s been a real treat
ninety-five or six has been the high
and it has not climbed up to the sky
as one hundred degrees we have not yet reached
although  we know it’s not far away
and we are hoping that each succeeding day
the temperature will rise ever so slow
even though we all know
that one hundred degrees will come soon enough
and then we will know that summer has arrived
making it tough to be outside
here in Texas.