Follow Up to the Homeless Man.

For the love of his dog

For the love of his dog

I wrote a piece the other day
about a Homeless Man and his dog
it gained a lot of interest
and was one of my more popular blogs
I wondered why that was
and started thinking the reasons why
and then the thought occurred to me
there but for the Grace of God go I.

I have written a lot of stuff
some of which I consider good
but not many have had the same effect
as the Homeless Man and his dog.
It got me thinking why that was
and the reason that people thought it good
and then I finally figured it out
that deep inside we all have that fear
it could be me on that street
begging for money to stay alive
but I’m too embarrassed you may say
to stand there with my hand-held wide
looking for something, anything you have
that will help me to stay alive.

We all want to live each day
and we all do it in a different way
most of us live in a house
sometimes with kids and even a spouse
others like to live alone
either by choice or just fate
has dealt us a losing hand
or we outlived the one we loved
or she ran off with another man.

Whatever you think of the Homeless Man
why is he such a lazy bum
why doesn’t he get a job
and be the same as everyone
what is it that we don’t know
in his life that turned him so
preferring to live on the streets
and make his way all alone.

Think about what you would do
if misfortune was to smile at you
and you lost everything you had
and even the will to make it good
would you resort to holding out your hand
on a street corner in a different town
walking up and down and trying to show
that life is not getting you down.

How quickly would your embarrassment last
if you had not eaten in quite a while
how hard would it be to hold out your hand
and put on a pleasant smile
and say Thank You and God Bless
when someone gives you some change
or walk on by when another calls
to tell you that you should be ashamed.

It is easy for us who have what we want
in order to live a life that we choose
and yet it would do us a lot of good
if we could spend some time in their shoes
maybe a better place it would be
if we all shared some in the misery
that makes a man do what he does
to become a Homeless Man.