Thinking Back

Earth from space

Thinking back of days gone by
I often wonder the reason why
things turned out the way they did
starting when I was just a little kid
when a war tore the World apart
and many lives had to restart
as the world grew up changed from before
never to be the same anymore.

Before the war things were slow
even though people had places to go
walking and biking was all the rage
and cars for the masses not come of age
television was new and not many sets
were in everyday houses the people not yet
accustomed to this marvelous invention
as it soon became the center of attention.

The world was advancing at astonishing speed
as technological wonders began to proceed
followed on the heels by the worst thing yet
something called the internet
which allows everyday people to waste their time
glued to a small screen they think is fine
as hours of their life goes up in the air
as they stare at the screen without any care.

Personally I think it is all rot
even though I use it quite a lot
but I can’t help thinking what the world has become
from a life that was simpler and the way things were done
the old fashioned way with paper and pen
and you took time to write a letter to a friend
or parent or child or husband or wife
telling them that you loved them for the rest of your life.

You signed the letter and added an X
the sign for a kiss the best thing yet
and folded it and put on the address
and licked a stamp the final test
and placed in the mailbox the postman to find
sent on its way with love of all kind
and when it arrived to the loved ones door
they knew that you cared for evermore.

The world used to be a wonderful place
filled with wonders and riches and empty space
but now technology has made it small
even the planets are at our beck and call
and with the advancement of mankind
the care of the world has been left behind
global warming is something that is here
as the world overheats we should have fear.

Unfortunately humans are an arrogant race
they think they control even deep space
but the truth of matter is that we do not
and Nature really doesn’t care a jot
about who we are and what we ask
as she goes about her unenviable task
of repairing her planet and removing the source
of the problem which is Man of course.

Written 6/7/2020