Things Have Changed…

Jeff Price-24

I noticed just the other day
that things are different in how I play
in the way I used to spend my life
not counting when I had a wife
for they tend to tell a man
of the things that they have planned
for him to do day to day
even though he would rather play
and do the things that he would like
but he does her things to avoid a strife
no what I mean is that I have changed
where I used to do the same
old things from day to day
like go outside and work in the yard
rake the leaves and toil very hard
and be tired at the end of the day
but feeling good in a tired sort of way
and now I like to sit and write
and spend my days inside despite
that things outside are not the same
with Richie gone myself I blame
and working outside sharing the space
even though he has run his race
I miss that little doggie friend
and always will until the end
and so I spend more time inside
until the memories do decline
and then outside I will go
to do the work I used to do.

Written 10/20/2017


Change and How We Deal With It

Climbing Roses

I was watching the TV of pictures of the huge fires here in Texas. As with most of us, I was horrified at what I saw and at the same time, felt a little guilty that a part of me was feeling grateful that it was not happening to me.

But yet, I felt their pain. I watched a lady who had a look of utter disbelief on her face and was crying uncontrollably as she fled her house. I cried with her and even though I didn’t know her, I felt so sorry for the tremendous upheaval that was inflicted into her normal life. For her, life will never be the same. She can replace some of her material possessions but will have to rely on her memories of all of the things that have happened prior to the fire. Her mementoes, pictures of loved ones and all of the intricacies that go into leading a normal life are probably gone.

I listened to others as they told their stories, many similar to the story before. I was especially saddened as I sat on the couch surrounded by 3 dachshunds and a Scottie, with a Big Ole Hairy Mutt Dog at my feet and two cats on the other couch as some told of not having had time to collect their pets as they fled the fires and wondering of the pets survival and current situation.

The beauty of humanity is its willingness to bounce back from adversary. There is even more to be thankful for as everyday people rush to help in any way they can be it volunteering their time, donating used items or getting out their checkbooks. This is a wonderful country we live in as time after time strangers rush to the aid of others to help in any way they can.

I read somewhere that the pine trees in Bastrop will re-grow as they have over thousands of years. Wildlife and animal life will slowly return and life will go on as usual. People will rebuild their homes and have new pets not to replace but to fill the gap left by the ones that have departed. Grandparents will proudly tell their Grandkids that they survived the big fire of 2011 and will show off their pictures of the BIG EVENT.

Life will go on…