Reimers Ranch 3-13-2020

The rock face on the opposite side of the river.

Not having hiked for a while BJ and I decided that we would walk Reimers Ranch as she had never been there before and knew it was one of my favorite spots to take a quick hike. It had been a while since either of us had walked both individually or together. The weather was a balmy 75 degrees, just right to get back out on the trails.

She opted to meet at my house at 10:00 am as it was on the way and it didn’t make any sense to take two vehicles. We had a surprise when we arrived at the Park as the County had decided to start charging people over 65 which was a brand new thing as we had always got in for free before. It was only $2:00 each so no big deal but was unexpected. Guess they figured that too many older folks were taking advantage of the free entry fees and that they were passing up on a relative money maker.

On the way over, I had given BJ a map and explained all of the different walks available to us giving her the opportunity to decide where we were going. It was not a scorcher of a day so overhead cover was not a factor as it can be in the very hot Texas summers. In the end, we opted to park in the very last lot and make the hike past the climbers and then return on the Turkey walk trail.

For those of you that read my blogs, you have heard me mention that two of the entrances/exits to the lower trail involve negotiating rock staircases which can be more than a little tricky. Since my last climb up this particular way out (or down), the Park people have installed a long chain attached to the rocks that acts as an additional handhold for a part of the descent which was a very welcome addition.

We safely negotiated our way down and followed the trail towards the end of the Park passing by the rock faces that the climbers use. I have noticed in the past and this time was no exception, that the rock climbing community is an awful noisy bunch. Everytime I have passed them, they are hollering and shouting at one another and generally expressing how happy they feel. Whether it is they are all an exuberant group making up the very nature of a rock climber or just happy to have made it up and down without falling and need to express that happiness.

We passed on and walked along the lower trail following the river which was still running pretty low. We have not had a great amount of rain and certainly not enough to have it flowing full bore and it shows. Reaching the end of the trail, we stopped to chat with a Mountain Biker who wanted to know more about the trails. We safely negotiated him away from the trail we had just covered as it is not made for Mountain Bikes. He disappeared over the next hill going back the way he had come.

Pedernales River

That was also the way that we had to go to get back to the Parking Lot but he was quickly out of site as our pace was no match for his. We arrived at the junction where the Main Trail met up with the Turkey Loop and opted to take the long way back. The day was not overly hot and the walking was good. Besides, we had not been out for a while and had energy to burn. When we got back to the truck, we helped another family who were visiting the Park for the first time, with directions and information on which trails to take warning them away from the descent to the Lower Trail.

Signs of Spring were everywhere and there were several wild flowers and lots of green leaves. In places, the new grass was beginning to show making for a bright green cover.

Altogether, we covered almost 3 miles, pretty low by our lofty standards but were both happy and content that we had managed to get back out on the trails again. Hoping to do it again next week.

Written 3/20/2020