My One Thousandth Blog

Nature’s beauty. The Yaupon trail at McKinney Roughs LCRA Park.

This is my one thousandth blog that I have written and posted on this site. I never thought when I started blogging all of those years ago and posted my first blog on July 12, 2011 that I would maintain the interest and continue on. But I have done and am still excited even today when I finish a particularly good piece or poem and have good quality pictures to go along with it.

Things are a little different now than it was eight years ago. Then, I thought that I would write short stories and post them for all to see until I figured out just how much work that was. I soon found out that I was not a writer as I don’t have a devious enough mind to come up with all of those plots and situations. Instead, I let Nature be the plot as she provides me with countless means of expression through her beauty. I added photography to my repertoire and have got to be pretty good at it. So, nowadays, I take pictures as I go on long hikes and then I write about what I have seen and show the photos that I took. Incidentally, I always do post camera work on all of my pictures to bring out the colors and shades that I did not capture with the original picture and in the last couple of years have got a lot of pleasure out of putting together videos of the pictures by turning them into slideshows, usually to music.

I discovered early on that I can write verse albeit a bit corny sometimes. If the words rhyme then that is good enough for me even if the words don’t make too much sense. I love writing poetry and I really feel my creative side coming out when I put down the words.

I write for myself and publish it for others to share if they are so inclined to read it. Early on, I wanted everyone to “like” what I wrote until I discovered that I had to “like” them back. I soon tired of that game and nowadays only add a “like” if in fact I really do. Otherwise, a quick glance to see if the other blog is interesting and then move on although I do have a few fellow bloggers that I follow and “like” on a consistent basis and it still takes me an hour or more going through the blogs every morning.

I did manage to write an entire autobiography about my life growing up in England all the way from being a little kid during the second World War to the trip from England to America and it sits on a thumbdrive gathering dust. There is a second part waiting to be written, My Life in America, but if I ever will actually write it, remains to be seen. Maybe when I can’t hike anymore. It’s a sure thing that I am not going to get rich from writing or photography.

So why do we do it? What compels us to spend time and effort writing about our interests and then publishing it so that others may read about it? Why are we so arrogant to believe that others may be in the slightest bit interested in any of our work. I have no answer for that and can only put it down to the folly of human nature which is why some people are writers and authors and other are carpenters and bricklayers, which incidentally I was for many years of my life.

When I can no longer hike or when the ponds get to be too much work, what will I write about then? If I don’t live it, I do not have a story. Like I said at the beginning, I am a reporter not a writer and probably by then, my brain will be defunct of any creative virtues.

Here’s hoping for another thousand blogs and all the years that go along with it…

Written 6/26/2019

What is Love?



What is love, I ask myself
how is it measured from day-to-day
there has got to be a way
but I cannot for the life of me say
just what that may be for all I know
people are so different and yet
the one thing we all strive to get
is love though it may not be the same
for one as it’s all a game.

Most people think of love as being
between a man and a woman
and there are others too that
love one another just as much
like the ones that have the opposite touch.

Is the love they have  any different from
that between a woman and man
if to them it wondrous be then they
have found just what the rest
of humanity strives to best.

I love my dogs, is that the same
or are we talking a different love
can the love I feel for all of my pets
compare to that of the human kind
to me, as I have no wife
as they caused me so much strife
and the love I had for them back then
disappeared as the years wore on
until nothing was left of that wonderful song.

You could say that the love we have
for very close friends and others too
who we will never live with or worse
is that the same as the original verse
or is that love of a different kind
for different reasons it is defined

What about the children we have
is our love for them any different from
that we have for our Mom and Dad
because they are of our own flesh and blood
does that make it a stronger love.

Does the love our children have for us
train them so they will find
love of their own of a different kind
when they meet that certain one
who will fire up the torch
that they will burn not understanding
what is happening to them.

All of these questions keep floating around
in my brain as I try to fathom it out
for me I tried and it didn’t work out
so does that make me a different man

Instead I have found that I love life
especially without a wife
for even though they claim to love
it’s too big a price to pay
as I could not do things my way.

I thought years ago I was part of the plan
and took a wife as most people do
but before we had gotten very far
things had changed and in its place without hope
that things would ever be the same.

I love chocolate and Italian food
and working out when I’m in the mood
I used to love to run
and it was always a lot of fun
tearing around the soccer field
at breakneck speed not wanting to yield
to anyone who was willing to try
to take on this loving guy.

Team sports teaches you that you are
part of a group for reasons unclear
is it because of the sport that you play
or maybe you just need the brotherhood
of playing together as a group
and do you love them because this troop
of athletes and friends have bonded real close
for whom you would give your most
and is this sort of love any different than
that between a woman and a man.

I guess what I am asking here
has been asked again for many a year
does anyone have an answer yet
or will I have to continue to try
to get the answer by and by
not that it matters much
for life for me has passed on by
all these years that I have searched
have all gone by in the blink of an eye.

If love is such a powerful thing
and can shape the way we live
and at the time it is so strong that
forever would describe the scene
and yet it takes very little it seems
for it to crumble like our dreams.

I just thought of another case
when love can be used but just a taste
let it be said that this time it’s clear
that this sort of love is different from
the other we have been talking about
with this sort of love you can scream and shout
so there will be no doubt
that of all the teams I could view
the one I love is Man U.

Manchester United

Manchester United