The Covid 19 Lockdown

Flowers are always beautiful

The trouble with staying indoors all the time
although not much different than I normally do
is trying to stay busy and occupy the mind
something different than the normal kind
of things that I do nearly every day
like reading the mail and then have my say
when in return I write a response
not always agreeing what others may write
but freedom of speech is one of the joys
that still remains a useful ploy
after exhausting the need to respond
I search about for things to do
reading up on the latest news
and of other people’s point of view
tending the ponds takes a lot of my time
cleaning filters and other such tasks
accompanied by my two little dogs
who are really not much good at the work
preferring instead to run and play
but helping in their own little way
I love their company and they enjoy mine
and between us we have a fine old time
sometimes I need to go to the store
to replenish the food we ate last week
I leave them at home and lock the door
and they are sad to see me leave
but happy when I arrive home
as we usually go for a walk down the street
passing neighbors walking on the other side
in a group but six feet apart
keeping their distance as the orders provide
we wave and greet each other at will
although they are strangers at this moment in time
and the need to be social is strong indeed
but because of the lockdown we keep our space
as members of the human race
families do not have to answer this call
they live together after all
and hope that immune from the virus will be
together as a family
I have a large yard that takes some of my time
mowing and weeding and keeping it straight
and this year things are growing so fast
different than in years gone past
maybe the lack of vehicles on the road
improving the pollution in the air
is allowing Nature in her own way
to recover a little as if to say
“See just how much I can do
when given the chance I come shining through
and from this moment you should learn
and do the right thing in return
clean up the world and clean the skies
and if you need a reason why
look around to see what I have done
in a few short days you can see the sun
and the stars at night and the moon shining through
as the pollution abates what a wonderful view”
Alas we humans are a stupid race
and on this earth we have no place
we don’t know how to keep it clean
pollution free is not our scene
and it does not fit in with our style
we are not willing to go that extra mile
to clean up our planet now given the chance
as the lockdown is just a temporary thing
and as soon as we’re able we’ll be at it full swing
polluting the planet as though it’s our own
instead of remembering that it is on loan
and we are the tenants as a far greater force
controls all our destinies on a far different course.

Written 5/1/2020

This is Day 2


Now this is already Day 2
and I have nothing new
the nose is sore
and what’s more
no pain to make me feel bad
and regret the treatment that I had
breathe through my mouth and not my nose
seems the way that this thing goes
although it’s just a question of time
and I know I will feel just fine
I have a follow up in a couple of days
to check with my Doctor and I am sure he will say
everything is fine and your looking good
acting just the way you should
“Be careful” he’ll say, “Don’t blow your nose,
be back in a month and we’ll see how it goes”.
so I mark on my calendar one month from now
appointment with doctor for this I will show.

Written 11/11/2017


Feeling Low


I went to see my Ear, Nose and Throat specialist a while back because of feeling light headed and sometimes a bit dizzy. Usually, these sort of balance problems are associated with the inner ear and although I have had them before, they usually clear up within a couple of weeks. This time though, they weren’t going away hence the visit to the Doc’s.

He ran me through the usual series of tests including having me on a balance chair where he was able to turn me upside down and twist me around in the hope of reproducing the symptoms. No such luck.

The next step was to schedule an MRI just to make sure there were no other bad things lurking in my body creating the problem. This was a simple enough procedure except that it was bloody noisy even with the earplugs they provided.The tests came back with no visible signs of growths or things that didn’t belong inside me. So, back to the Doctors for more discussions.

I first met this particular Doctor around 37 years ago when I was playing football, soccer to you Americans and managed to break my nose heading a ball and colliding with another player’s head. I just had time to see the ball fly into the goal before crashing to the ground after the impact so at least, it was sort of worth it, sort of. While he was treating me for the nose, he noticed that I had perforated eardrums and problems with the stirrup bones in my ears and told me in no uncertain terms, “I can fix that”, resulting in three more surgeries to partially correct the problem. He was able to improve my hearing quite considerably for which, I have been forever grateful. With the addition of hearing aids, my hearing is around 85%. With my playing days long behind me, and the ear surgeries out of the way, at least my visits to him were more of an annual checkup or the occasional ear cleaning for wax build up until the recent ones for the dizzy spells.

He then scheduled me for a Ct Scan to see what might show up. Again, another simple procedure and much quieter this time. I already had an appointment to go over these scans where he showed me the results pointing out what they all meant. The end result was the sinuses were almost completely blocked, he called them diseased, and he recommended that I schedule surgery which he would perform to open the sinuses back up. Luckily for me, I have a great health plan from my previous employer of 23 years which actually was one of the reasons for switching jobs at a lower wage in the first place. I also get a good pension. Planning ahead so to speak.

I put it off for a few weeks mainly because I was working with my neighbors schedule as she was going to drive me to the surgery and then bring me home.  They were out of town for a couple of weeks so we  finally arrived at a date and had a 6:30 am drive to the hospital where there was a long wait until my turn came.  Clara stayed at the hospital all the time that it took and then brought me home. She also took it upon herself to stay with me following the surgery, fixing me a meal and fussing over me until I was asleep. And she checked up on me first thing  the following morning. She lives directly across the street moving into her house the same time as we did ours and I am forever in her debt.

The surgery went smoothly enough as the last thing I can remember is the burn as the Anesthesia went into my arm and then I was out waking up a couple of hours later with a sore head. Today is Day 1 of the recovery. I feel pretty good considering and there is no residual bleeding and no real pain. Breathing is little awkward as it is mostly through my mouth as the sinuses gradually settle back down. I am able to check on the ponds and fix any filters and other problems.

Where would we be without friends and neighbors. I would certainly be up the proverbial creek if it wasn’t for my neighbors. Living alone by choice does have its drawbacks as a wife would be useful at times like this. She could also clean the house and do the cooking, maybe but is the end result worth it. Nah, I don’t think so.

Thank goodness for neighbors and friends.

Written 11/10/2017