Looking to Clean House.

I looked around and looked some more
looking at my dirty floor
hoping that someone would pick up a broom
and sweep the dirt right out of the room
then the thought I suddenly did see
that the someone would have to be me
the last I looked I was alone
just me and four dogs and they have to be shown
anything that I want them to do
I have to do first as they don’t know how to
and even after I showed them the way
they ignored me completely and had their say
“Cleaning house is not what we do
so get to it Dad, we don’t have a clue”
I took a deep breath and picked up my mop
as they disappeared not up for the job
and I swept and cleaned with no help from them
and I really thought that we were friends
it just goes to show that in times of need
even those that you house and feed
are not up to cleaning the mess that they make
what good are they you ask, for goodness sake
and then when your through at the end of the task
out they come wagging no thoughts of the past
but glad to have you back in your chair
the house is so clean but they do not care
just give them the time and before very long
“The house needs cleaning” will be their song.

Written 7/1/2019

Happy New Year, for some…

Helping hand

Helping Hand

Another year is on us
and how will we treat it
do we continue in the same old way
or maybe a change or two
even a Resolution as a last resort
when all else has failed.

Will we be kind to others
much worse off than we
as they stand at the intersections
and show their signs
at us as we sit in our expensive cars
or will we turn the other way
and not look them in the eye.

Is it our fault that we have
while others have not
did we choose our path
or was it chosen for us
and what makes us any different
than those less fortunate.

Of one thing we can be sure
we would not change with them
even if we could.