Buddy just living out his life

One of my little dogs, Buddy, short for Buddy Holly, who was almost blind, deaf as a post, no sense of smell, very senile and almost 14 years old, took a turn for the worse. I had taken him to the vets a week before as he was not eating and they ran a whole bunch of tests, kept him for a week and then sent him home with a stack of pills that I had to administer on a daily basis. The little bugger fought me all the way as I literally forced the bloody things down his throat. He seemed to be doing much better until Thursday when he was more confused than ever and would walk his way into a corner or up against furniture and would just stand there for 10 minutes or so before moving again. He could still figure out the doggy door and when he did go outside on a walkabout, I had to go with him to be sure he didn’t fall into any of the ponds as he would get very confused and rush around from place to place unable to figure things out. On Friday, I had to go to pick up my truck that just had the on board computer replaced and when I came home, Buddy was in a terrible muddle. He had walked under a chair and could not figure how to get out. He had peed everywhere and could not stand on all 4 legs and no matter how hard he tried, he could not do it. So, with a very heavy heart, I took him to the Vets for one last trip and they put him to sleep. I brought him home and buried him alongside of all of the other dogs where he will rest forevermore. So now, our little pack is down to 2 dogs, Mikey and Sandy.

I am not sure if I will find another dog to fill the void left by Buddy but maybe if the right one comes along and gives me that special look, we will bring another one or two, home. Both Mikey and Sandy are acting really quiet as if they know that Buddy has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. My Sister passed on the same day and I will miss them both. Maybe it is because I have a guilty conscience for having to put Buddy to sleep something that I hated to do especially with the memory of Ginnie still very fresh in my mind.

I have lost six dogs, Pete, Richie, BB, Gizmo, Ginnie and now Buddy these past couple of years albeit that most of them were growing old but it is still hard to handle and I miss them all.

Written 3/9/2020

My Little Dog

Ginny the new girl

Ginny, the last one remaining of the original dogs…

I lost one of my dogs today
she was not there in time to play
she had her shots the day before
and I knew she was a little sore
I watched her wander out into the yard
and settle down on the deck so hard
I thought she would probably sleep for a while
from soreness to be free
when I looked up she was gone
and I hadn’t seen her go
so I walked out into the yard
and started searching high and low
calling her name again and again
in an all to familiar refrain
Ginnie, Ginnie-Girl, I called
where are you was the cry
but true to form no sound was borne
no barks or whines leaving me forlorn
I searched and searched in the hope
of finding a trace  of my little girl
I searched for an hour or maybe two
but ended up with nary a clue
and then I heard a familiar bark
as Mikey found something new
he had not helped to show the way
to find his buddy with whom he plays
but his bark brought another too
as Ginnie answered in a muffled tone
so I figured that under the deck
she had manage to crawl all alone
although I really haven’t a clue
where she found the entrance to
for I thought that I had blocked it all up
so that the dogs would not venture there
for fear that the snakes would find it cool
and a place to shelter without fear
I took down a piece of the lattice to see
if my little girl would come to me
but she ignored my plea to come
and left me standing all alone
wondering just what was the next move
I would have to crawl in there I supposed
and then I turned only to see
my little girl walking free
limping a little from yesterdays shots
feeling sorry for herself for getting lost
as I made a fuss helped a little in part
by Mikey, tail wagging, adding his bark.


Mikey looking very bright

Written 8/14/2018

A Comedy of Errors on the Trail.

DSC_1143I went back to Pedernales Falls State Park yesterday as the weather was again way too nice to stay indoors or even to work out in the garden, I wanted to hike the Juniper Ridge Trail which I had attempted a couple of days ago only to get turned around.

I chatted to the Park Rangers when I checked in about the actual location of the entrance to the Juniper Trail and had their input on where to start hiking. I drove to the Wolf Mountain parking area which is where I planned to start my hike, parked the car and went through my usual pre-hiking routine of changing into boots, strapping on my camera and grabbing my water bottle, fruit and hiking poles and was ready to go.

I set off following the directions given me by the Rangers and safely negotiated onto the proper trail which as the name suggests, follows through mostly Juniper trees with the very occasional live oak tree. I made it safely through the first part of the trail and reached the point where Madrone Trail joins Juniper.

So far, so good. I was making good time up to this point as I headed down to what I thought was the homeward stretch. Then the first of a series of errors occurred. I had just taken a picture and following my usual practise returned my camera to my belt carrier, sliding it into the special holder that I have. There is also a safety clip and strap which goes around my neck as a safety just in case the camera did slip out of its special holder. Well, that is exactly what did happen. I missed the holder and unbeknown to me, the safety strap had also come undone and the camera crashed to the ground.

Fearing the worst, I picked it up and the first thing I noticed was that the Lens Hood had broken. On closer inspection, the protection filter was also broken. I unscrewed it and the main lens appeared to be OK. I took a couple of pictures and everything seemed to be working just fine. I was very lucky. I have no idea how or why the safety strap had come undone.

I continued on my walk and came to the place where I had messed up before and taken the wrong trail. I opened the compass on my smart phone and checked it against the map and then chose what I thought was the correct trail. The signposting for these trails leaves an awful lot to be desired.

Turns out, I had made the same mistake as I previously had made in choosing the wrong trail. I was really stepping it out as it was growing dark but luckily, I am prepared and had a flashlight which enabled me to see the trail. I even followed the trail marked as “Car Park” but it proved to not get me where I wanted to go. I eventually ended up by the Entrance Building right at the top end of the park.

By now, it was completely dark but I was able to follow the road back towards the Wolf Mountain Parking Lot and somehow, I managed to walk right past it and ended up by the Wildlife Viewing Area. I knew I had gone too far so I retraced my steps but before I got back to the Parking Lot I needed, a car pulled up and asked if I wanted a ride. By now, I was very cold. My internal body temperature was just fine as I was moving at a very fast walk (for me) but my skin was getting colder by the minute. I readily agreed to jump in the car but it was a two door small sedan and I had to take my camera belt off to get in. At the same time, the wife who was driving, told me to wait a minute as she cleared the back seat for me and then handed me my walking poles.

We found the Lot I needed which was only a couple of hundred yards up the road. I had almost reached it but I was still grateful for the ride as it was nice and warm in the car. I was driven right to my car and the wife insisted that I start my car before she would leave just to make sure everything was OK which I proceeded to do. Satisfied, they bid their farewells and drove off on their way home to Bulverde as they had been visiting friends who were staying at the Camper Park.

I changed out of my boots and put on my shirt to try to get warm. It was then that I realized that my sunglasses were not tucked into my shirt as they had been before I got into the other car to accept their help. They must have fallen out when I took off the camera belt with the safety strap that was around my neck. I retraced my steps only this time in the car to where they had picked me up but there was nothing laying on the road. Disheartened, I made my way back to where I had been parked and checked around but to no avail. I came to the conclusion that the glasses are probably still in the other person’s car having fallen there when I took the camera off. As I have no clue what there names are and the only thing I know is that they live in Bulverde, I guess I am out one pair of expensive prescription sunglasses. Altogether, I hiked 18 miles, the furthest I have ever walked and this is the first time that I have hiked in the dark and I don’t recommend it.

By then, it was almost 9:00 pm so I made my way home with the seat heaters up high and the dashboard heater also turned as high as it would go. The heat felt great and when I reached home and had taken care of the animals, I jumped into the hot tub to complete the thawing out process.

This morning, I called the Pedernale Falls Park Office and left my particulars just in case the glasses do magically re-appear. I am not too hopeful. I have managed to lose them twice before on the trails and both times they were found and turned into the office for me to reclaim. Who knows, I might get lucky again.

As for the hike, I am very disappointed that I have managed to get lost twice on the same trail and in the same spot. I am going to go back and will walk it again until I get it right…

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