I am sitting here waiting for time
to pass and then I can get ready
ready for what I do not know
only that I need to change into something
better than I have on now
as shorts won’t cut it.

A dress shirt and a nice pair of dress pants
should do the trick so I don’t stand out
in a crowd who would all rather wear shorts
but all have come with the same purpose
to honor a lifelong friend
for his services to the cause.

We are all members of a group
who in our free time
kicked a ball around
the game played with the feet
and called football
to the rest of the world.

My friend who I have known
for forty one years
welcomed me on his team
with open arms
even though
he had never seen me play.

Tonight we honor our friend
for services to the football community
for his dedication to the sport
in helping to form the League
so that enthusiasts like me
had a place to play.

Now forty one years later
he gets the recognition he deserves
as a founder member
and as a true soccer enthusiast
and a real gentleman
in every sense of the word.

A Lawyer by trade
dealing with the misfortunes
of broken marriages
a more warm and caring man
you could not hope to meet
in any lifetime.

I consider myself very fortunate
to be a  part of his circle
and to have known him for so long
even as I played against him
on different teams
still a true friend.

Poem by Francis Allcorn
written on the occasion of
Phil Friday and his 45 years in the
Austin Soccer Community.

Written 8/12/2018

Kicking a ball…

rangers getting coached right

Half Time Talk

When I was a kid and still very young
my whole idea of having fun
was to get with my mates and kick a ball
and the girls would cheer and watch us run
no interest in them that I can recall.

Moving along in just a few years
my mates and I still kicked the ball
but this time we tried to impress the girls
hoping that one would not like them all
but pick one of us that was most enthralled.

As time moved on the girls came first
as many of us settled down
married with kids not much time for games
life was never ever the same
on weekends we still got together and kicked a ball

Further on down the line
marriages failed and its alimony time
visit the kids once a month
and maybe take them to one of our games
this time in the older guys league we played.

Time has passed and the kids have grown
and they all play in a league of their own
trying to impress the watching girls
choosing a mate as life unfurls
and it all starts with kicking a ball.

Now I am old and life has passed by
the closest I come to kicking a ball
is to cheer on my team as I watch them play
thinking of what were the good old days
when we were just starting along our way.

“Football, English Style is good for the soul”


Losing Team Mates

Dante Nelson

Dante Nelson

The U11 boys played a game today at Quarry but before the game started, we gathered to bid farewell to one of our players, Dante Nelson. Dante joined the team in the Fall and did well in practice and scrimmages but when it came to playing in the games, Dante would have an anxiety attack which he battled the entire season. He managed to play almost an entire game against Hays but unfortunately for Dante, things started to go backwards from that point on. He manfully tried to battle against it but the struggle was too much and in the end, Dante just stood on the sidelines and watched the rest of the team play even though I asked repeatedly if he wanted to go in.

The other boys even at the tender age of 10-11, understood and tried to encourage him and would help him with his play and then rough him up in practice just to make him come out of his shell.  He did almost every time and would give as good as he was getting. He developed good skills with the ball and would have become a difficult player to mark. When game time came around, he was going through these inward struggles and was not able to beat them.

Today, Dante showed up to the field and we gathered the rest of the kids together. They had all signed a card along with as many Parents who were present. Dante stood in front of both the rest of his team mates and their Parents and announced to the entire group of his intentions to stand down from the team and football in general. I thought it incredibly brave of him to make that announcement to everyone. He showed that at that particular moment, he had conquered his fears and was able to say his piece. Hank as one of the team Captains handed Dante the card and everyone crowded around and shook his hand and gave him a hug. It was nice to see.

Dante, both Cristina and I just want to wish you luck in your future endeavours and we all have the confidence you can and will lick this thing.

On another note, we had another player, Chris Brand, leave us a couple of months back. Chris never had any confidence problems and was a good player with the ball at his feet. Chris quit because he had too much on his plate and something had to give. Unfortunately for us, it was soccer that he gave up. The team misses him and wishes him the very best of luck with his choice. We are the losers but hopefully, someone else will be gaining.

Good Luck Chris Continue reading