Good Times for the RV Industry.

Today is October 4, 2020 and we are into a new month.Nothing surprising about that as it happens every 30 or so days. No, what is uppermost in my mind regarding the new month is that my new RV has not yet arrived. When I ordered it all of that time ago, well actually only about 6 weeks ago, they said it might be in by the end of September and it has come and gone and still no sign of the the RV. Of course, I am being facetious here as the guys at Crestview RV in Buda where it is ordered, have no way of knowing when it will be finished and ready to ship and I certainly don’t want them to bug the manufacturers as that might result in shoddy workmanship if they try to hurry it up. There is usually something that the Manufacturers Production Inspectors miss anyway without me and Crestview putting pressure on them.

Interesting that in these troubled times of the Coronavirus, more and more people are turning to RV’ing as a means to still travel the country with their families or alone with dogs, as in my case. It is certainly not a foolproof way to avoid contact with the disease but the chances are lessened by the lack of human contact except in the campgrounds where extra care needs to be taken.

My neighbor down the street has just taken possession of his new RV but I think that he bought it off the lot and did not have it ordered. Interestingly enough, this same neighbor has an older AirStream parked in his back yard that he purchased with a view to renovating it. Turns out it has extensive water damage and he discarded the idea. Across the street from him, a young couple with a small kid have just purchased one and have already been out a few times in theirs. A few houses down from them, another neighbor has a larger one, probably at least a 36 footer that he occasionally parks in the turn circle if he is going out that weekend. I think that mine, when I get it, will be smaller and lighter than all of the above mentioned RV’s with only a single axle instead of a dual. My truck should not have any trouble in towing it which is why I ordered it in the first place.

These are certainly good times for those in the RV industry and like everything else, it is a question of supply and demand. Doesn’t help me much as it doesn’t matter how much I demand, I still got to wait for it to be delivered. Patience, patience, not one of my better virtues.

Written 10/05/2020