Another Wet Day in September

A quiet trail

September has just started with today being the third and we have had two out of three wet days so far. This is almost unheard of and for us that live here, very welcome. Consequently, except to check on the ponds and the fish especially the 6000 gallon one that has had the fish losses recently, it is a day to stay inside and write about “stuff”.

Stuff can be almost anything depending on which way my brain is working and usually ends up a hodgepodge of bits and pieces as my struggling mind looks for something to write about. For instance, this morning I was late starting out for my bi-annual trip to the dentist for teeth cleaning and checkup and had a fifteen mile trip in what is usually very busy traffic. Today, I made it on time with nothing to slow me down. One of the perks of Covid-19 is that the amount of traffic on the road is much lighter for which I am very grateful. Plus the checkup, I’m happy to say, came out in good shape. No trips back next week for a filling or extraction although the Dentist did hint that I have a filling that probably will need replacing down the road. That, plus my share of the bill was only $70.00 with the insurance covering the rest. Even though I walked into the office wearing my mask, obviously it was impossible for the hygienist to work on me wearing it. They did have this vacuum type thingy that was running all of the time that was situated a couple of inches from my mouth drawing my breath away from the lady working on me. Don’t know whether it worked and won’t know for a couple of weeks. She, of course was masked and visored (wonder if that’s a word) so was protected. These really are scary times that we live in.

The camera on my computer quit working for the second time. I had Best Buy fix it the first time around. In this day and age of telemedicine, a camera is an absolute necessity so I went out and bought another laptop. I used it for one appointment and haven’t used it since. In the meantime, the camera on my old computer started working again all of its own accord so now I need to decide it I really need a second laptop. Incidentally, this will really be the third laptop as I had already purchased another one which I almost immediately returned as I couldn’t make out the lettering on the keys. As I am not a speed typist and have had no formal training, just years of practical experience, I need to be able to read what key I am pressing. Even then, I make a lot of mistakes which only adds to my frustration but of course, are easily rectified. I wonder if typing is taught in schools at an early grade? If it isn’t, it should be especially in this day and age. I’ve watched some people especially the younger generation as they rattle off a message with both thumbs on their phones and it never ceases to amaze me with the speed they can type. Me, I’m just that, all thumbs as I pick out the letters one by one. Of course, there is no telling what their grammar or spelling may be like but I guess it doesn’t matter that much as they have their own secret language.

Oh to be young again although I am not sure that I would really want to be young in this present day. I’m not talking about the virus but of how the world has changed so much from when I was a young lad. I think in all honesty, I preferred those time better even though compared to today, it was almost the ice age in terms of everyday life. Life was a lot slower and much simpler and a whole lot more enjoyable, at least from this old mans perspective.

It’s stopped raining and time to check the ponds especially the one that has just lost all of the fish. At least, the water won’t be overheating today…

Written 9/3/2020

2 thoughts on “Another Wet Day in September

  1. A little rain and lower temperatures are such wonderful things. Some of my plants that seemed to be on their last legs have already rebounded. Now I can start buying and planting new things.

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