I wonder what tomorrow will bring
that’s different from the current scene
here in Texas, my adopted State
maybe something else to appreciate
but the truth of the matter is
that we are restricted on what we can do
with Corun-19 still raging strong
all we can do is carry on
stay indoors and wear a mask
for any sort of outside task
especially when others are near
six feet the distance it would appear
making it harder to catch the bug
much lower than if giving a hug
or shaking the hand of your best friend
for taking chances with life he does tend
what he does you have little control
and partying up at some other hellhole
caring not if he catches the virus instead
the booze and the company has gone to his head
some people are very cavalier with their life
maybe they’re tired of the struggle and strife
and want to make one last show
before the virus gets them and lays them low
there is no end to what we have now
and truth be told it is hard indeed
human nature needs to touch and be close
and mix with each other and not be morose
party and have fun to the greatest extent
and not be secluded nor misrepresent
that living is for now the present not the past
as we only have one life let it not be the last
and the chances come down to a choice between two
do we party or stay home I know what I’ll do
my partying days have long long gone
and as I would like to carry on
for a few more years so why take the chance
and take risks of joining the Corun dance.

Written 7/17/2020

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