A shady trail in Bastrop. No virus here.

I was returning from my afternoon stroll with the dogs and had almost reached my house when I spotted my neighbor, Chris who lives directly across the street. We both moved into our respective houses about a month apart way back in 1985. He was out keeping an eye on his two kitties to make sure they don’t wander off as it is not safe for cats to be outside in our neighborhood. We have a coyote versus cat problem and the coyotes generally win being bigger, stronger and faster although they can’t climb trees. We have all lost cats to these predators who in fairness to them, are only taking advantage of a free meal.

We stopped to chat keeping our mandatory 6 feet distancing and of course the subject of the Covid-19 virus came up. I told him that apart from a weekly trip to the Supermarket, in our case, HEB, and an occasional visit to the hardware store, I barely went out anywhere that there were a lot of people. He agreed with me and we went into a long discussion on the virus. and the effects that it is having on life in general. We both agreed that even though many of the restrictions have been lifted, neither of us felt really safe mixing or going to where there were large crowds even with social distancing.

Which leads me to the subject matter of this blog. Where is this all going to end and how long will it take? Many older people like myself and my neighbor are very leery of venturing out without a mask and into any crowd of people but others, many younger than us, have no compunctions of mixing and socializing like before especially now that many restrictions have been lifted. It’s as though, they have no fear and consider themselves totally invincible and maybe they are especially if they are healthy and fit and have no known illnesses. But, what they are not considering is that even though they may be lucky enough to shrug off the virus, what about the other people that they come into contact with many of them much older. Is it fair on them that they should be subject to the follies and indiscretions of the younger generation. Many younger people have very little self discipline especially in the USA where they have been extended freedom to do almost whatever they want as long as it is within the law. Given this attitude, how safe are we, the older generation?

Where this will all eventually end, no one knows. Will there be a second round worse than the first and will we have to do this all over again and again and again???

All I and my older neighbors know is that we will continue to practice safe distancing and wear our masks out in public and not venture out into crowds of people and hope for the best. After all, what else are our choices…

Written 5/29/2020

5 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Now with cases on such a dramatic rise in Texas we see what these younger people have gotten us all into. We don’t have to worry about a second wave because the first wave is becoming a tsunami.

  2. Texas is now the “New York” of the original virus with the count rising on a daily basis. It’s like I said, it doesn’t matter how careful we are if the younger generation doesn’t care. They probably visit their grand parents on a regular basis as well.

  3. So you wrote this at the end of May? I am not sure if you have seen information about people who WERE young (relatively – 30s) and healthy and they were infected with the virus and ended up with COVID-19 . . . have you seen any of those stories? If they end with the person recovering it is usually after weeks of being sick and some don’t feel the same as before. I don’t actually imagine an end in sight . . . . especially since so many people don’t agree on how to behave (wear masks, don’t wear masks, spit on people, don’t spit on people) in public and some people don’t even believe there is a virus at all. I also understand, from what I have heard is that most “experts” consider us to STILL BE IN the first wave. It just got worse because of certain behaviors.

    I am beginning to wonder what outside my house looks like . . . . . . . . . .

    • Thanks for your comment. I spend most of my time at home except for necessities like food and such but I usually go for a Starbucks and then take a short drive out in the country to break the monotony every afternoon. Listening to Audiobooks as I drive, of course. This helps a lot. You have seen that Texas is now in the grip of either the first wave continued or a second wave and we are not handling it very well.

      • I actually have not been looking at any numbers because it is just frustrating. I’ve just see a few posts that say the numbers are going up. I just saw a meme on FB that said numbers are WAY up in states not required to wear masks and are better in mask wearing states. But the thing is I don’t know which states are which. I have friends in different states and they all seem to be doing different things. Sigh. Stay safe!

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