New Routines

As it says, Stay Home

It used to be not long ago
life was free from troubles and woe
including those of the everyday kind
the ones that can put us in a bind
and usually things work out good
and life goes on passing as it should
until the next problem comes along
and we deal with it in our usual way
everyday troubles of the kind we know well
generally with plenty to say
now with the entire world as its stage
is facing a virus deadly with age
it does not care who it attacks
young or old all stopped in their tracks
as it randomly and silently instills
fear and worry that it will kill
as this is a worldwide problem to fear
and the cost to mankind may prove to be dear
there is no place to run and hide
except in our homes and fate will decide
how safe we remain away from the crowds
and life as we know it disappears in the clouds
there are times that we have to go out
even though our mind is in doubt
as we run out of supplies like food and drink
to the grocery store our only link
and load our carts being careful to stay
not close to the others six feet away
no touching or handshakes and each wear a mask
making grocery shopping a difficult task
scurrying home as fast as you’re able
for fear of the disease no matter how anal
a reason it seems to be back indoors
and the only germs in the house are probably yours
life has changed in many other ways
with the stay at home order we are all castaways
in our own little island that we call home
stuck on this patch with no place to roam
except to walk around the block
taking the dogs for a stroll to ease the gridlock
of staying inside your own backyard
as being at home can be hard
but if we want to beat this thing
then each of has to do our part
start by practice safe distancing
and refrain from contact a mortal sin
stay at home wear a mask and then concede
that this is our latest hour of need
we humans are a fragile bunch
both physically and in our minds
and mentally we are so weak
to beat this virus at its peak
we have not the patience to ride this out
wanting to go back to how things were
not giving it time to disappear
likely to kill those we hold dear
or maybe we will draw the short straw
if the angels of death knock on the door.

Written 5/14/2020

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