APS July Meeting, 2019

The food line at the meeting.

The Austin Pond Society held it monthly meeting this past Monday, July 15 at the usual place, Zilker Botanical Gardens which was attended by 38 guests and Board Members. The evening meal comprised of Pizza and all of the fixin’s supplied by the Members. There was enough food to feed a small army but to do them justice, the Membership really worked hard to make a dent in it. Thank you Members for supplying the finishing touch.

Barb Lenhardt, our President opened the meeting following the meal and spent some time on the Business section of the meeting. One of the items discussed was of the large amount of funds in the bank account and what should we do about it. There were many suggestions and the Board will be working on the ideas in the future to spend down some of that surplus. Barb introduced our Speaker, our own Margaret Boeneke whose subject was “Tiny Ponds”. She had a very interesting slideshow and kept her audience involved.

Slide show of Margaret’s “Tiny Ponds”

Barb came back at the end with yet more business before closing out the meeting with the raffle.

This is the Business section of the meeting.

The next meeting is on August 19 and the Speakers will be BJ and Sam Jenkins talking about “Ponds 101” and their experiences and what they found out about building a pond when they built there’s a few years ago. Hope to see you there.

Written 7/16/2019

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  1. I water change each of my aquariums one a week (religiously) by around 50% change each.
    I have to do a lot of tanks today! I also employ good filters and live plants (which are way more beneficial than people think). I’d like to maybe set up a small outdoor tiny pond next year for ricefish. Ricefish are very popular in Japan and China and i have two great natural kinds in my aquariums now. Daisy’s Neon Blue Ricefish and Oryzias dancea Ricefish. 🙂

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