Being Young

The Round School as it was called back in 1941.

When I was young and just a kid
I never thought of what I did
I had no concept of time
and would rise with the sun my life just fine
I walked to school with my friends
and then walked back home again
learning in a class so big
with a teacher that used a very big stick
which she used quite frequently
on troublesome students just like me
I never complained to my folks
as they thought it one big joke
and said that she was probably right
and was not doing it out of spite
but to teach right from wrong to kids like me
they had their own philosophy
and in their eyes she could do no wrong
and school is where I really belonged
I grew up and I survived
no worse for wear for the hidings I took
but wiser yet in so many ways
and the teachers name was Mrs Ray
such was my life long long ago
growing up in the country that I loved so
but that was almost a lifetime in years
as I was but a lad of with no fears
and even though it hurt at the time
I thank Mrs Ray for being so sublime
as she did not know that in her own way
she has shaped my life to this very day
such are the memories I have to show
from almost seventy five years ago.

If I could only wind back the clock….

Written 6/6/2019

7 thoughts on “Being Young

  1. So I’m wondering what you got in trouble for. I went to Catholic school and the nuns were nice except in sixth grade I got in trouble for talking and had to do a lollipop. (78 x 78) -78 -78 -78 forever and ever until you got to 0. It was called a lollipop because it lasted so long. Invariably you would have something left over and would have to go and find where the mistake was. 🤪🤪🤪 I don’t think this exercise taught me not to talk but it taught me to hate subtraction.

  2. With Mrs Ray, she didn’t need much of an excuse to wield her cane. I got called out for chattering once and when she approached me, like a fool a said that my mate was talking too. She called me a sneak and got out her cane, one across each hand. I think she just liked to hurt little kids….

  3. Are you any the worse for it? Not that I condone physical violence as a means of punishment but at the same time, if your school teacher can’t show you right from wrong without parental interference then who should as parents don’t seem capable or unwilling to do so?

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