Thinking about days gone by
sometimes makes me want to cry
remembering things from the past
of all of the times that did not last
as memories are just what they are
a fleeting moment like a shooting star
a tick in time in our busy lives
lasting as long as the mind survives
each one replaced by something new
created each moment as our minds construe
slipping along from thing to thing
understanding what out eyes do bring
back to the brain a very safe place
and another memory is now locked in space
for how to describe what memories are
records of our past viewed from afar
the problem is that we have no choice
on what to remember we have no voice
so happy and sad good times and bad
are all there before us to drive us all mad
as we torment ourselves as we wonder why
if only I had, a recurring cry
but we cannot change things in the past
and can only hope that our memories last
for time has a habit of clearing the mind
and memories fade and we no longer can find
as the years pass by it is hard to recall
though the memories we have are so plentiful.

Written 2/26/2019

13 thoughts on “Memories

  1. While it is true we don’t have a choice in what our brain – by itself remembers – we do have a choice what we can help it remember. Right? We can take pictures as a way to help our brain remember things. Or, people like you, people who seemed to be writers or like to write poems, you can write things down to help your brain remember. But it is so odd some of the things our brains remember, yes?

    • You are right about the oddness of what we can remember. I can remember all sorts of things from long ago, names, places, faces but have trouble with what happened 5 minutes ago. My mind goes blank and I have to concentrate on remembering before it comes back. I fear that one day, even delayed memory will be gone forever. Oh well, can’t have everything…

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