A Grumps View of Christmas 2018

That’s me…

This is December and Christmas is coming just as it does every year 
For some, it is a time of rejoicing and to celebrate the Birth of Christ.
For others it is family reunions and turkey and Christmas trees and presents, lots of presents.
It is that time when entire families will go into debt and then spend the rest of the year paying it off only to begin again with the following Christmas.
Presents are opened and in many cases, the contents are often put to one side and never used or are exchanged for something more “useful”.
There is no thought behind the giving and none on the receiving.
These are not presents of love but of necessity.
Shops are decorated to promote the Christmas festivities and Christmas music is everywhere.
Somewhere another Christmas tree dies as it is cut from its roots.
There is way too much Christmas music and the ultimate goal of promoting the Christmas Spirit is to get the unwary to spend their money.
Did I mention there is way too much Christmas music
Christmas is Big Business and can make or break any one of them.
Some people will respect the religious significance but those people go to Church every Sunday.
Others will get religion for a day.
Much food and drink will be consumed and wasted and the the homeless will go hungry.
To them, it is just another day in the fight to stay alive.
Old people with few resources will rely on others for a meal and others will oblige because it is Christmas.
Christmas can bring out the best and the worst of human nature.
Many will give while others will steal.
And so it goes year in and year out.
Such is Human Nature.

Written 12/8/2018

6 thoughts on “A Grumps View of Christmas 2018

  1. Yes, Christmas is perhaps the most bipolar holiday of all. For me, the best part of it is just having a short break with which to relax. But even that ability to take time off work/school implies a high degree of privilege, which many people aren’t privy to.

    I must also say that I’m a little disappointed that it’s so warm by me this Christmas season. Forties Fahrenheit and raining: that’s blasphemous!

    • There are many people in this world who view Christmas as time off, others good food and parties, presents in all of their glory and some may even understand the true meaning. In this day and age, they are in the minority. Warm here in Texas as 56 degrees F.

  2. Agreed. From early November through Jan 1, I bide time outdoors and away from all the people hubs. Keeps me sane! Not sure if you saw this some years ago .. Consumption Conundrum still applies today. https://wp.me/p28k6D-1px

    America really does need a new game solution. Merry Solstice!

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