The Rich and the Poor


Human Nature is a funny old thing
with each of us as different as plants in the Spring
we are basically all the same
though some have a much better brain
we all are born with two arms and legs
and of course we have a head
the color of our skin may change
but basically we are all the same.

There are many religions in play
each to believe in their own way
wars are fought over which is the best
to the winners the price is the ultimate test
how many believers can they convert
and sustain their world without getting hurt
as the vanquished are never still
awaiting their chance the victors to kill.

People don’t all live the same
like the food on the table with different names
or speak in tongues only they understand
like the clothes they wear made for their land
even the landscape so different may be
forever changing the scenery
and the standards of living may be different for each
based on the wealth of each nations reach
less wealthier nations may find it best
to keep people happy to avoid unrest.

I live in the wealthiest of lands
with a standard of living that’s way out of hand
and yet even then in a land so rich
many people are poor and wish they could switch
all they see is the wealthy people succeed
as the top one percent have more than they need
and many of them are forced to stand
on street corners with their hat in their hand
looking for anything that may come their way
Please mister, Can you spare a dollar today.

The average American has a kind heart
and are ready and able a dollar to impart
others choose to look and have their say
and criticize the bum for acting that way
not knowing the reasons they are down on their luck
but ready instead to keep them stuck
in the circle of hardship they find themselves in
blaming instead on the bottles of gin
that in their minds the bums have consumed
which as far as they know could be far from the truth

If every rich person gave ten percent
of the wealth they accrue the money to be spent
on helping the homeless the poor and the sick
and the families who are finding it hard to pick
themselves up and turn it around
as sinking that low makes it hard to rebound
and with just a little help from the rich
would certainly go a long way to unhitch
and break the circle of poverty and help switch
to a better life for one and all
and the rich could feel good they helped stop the fall.

Alas I fear it will never be
as most of the rich have no sympathy
towards anything other than their own
and it won’t be that very long
that the top one percent will be so strong
and the wealth they have will soon consume
the rest of the folks and keep them in tune
with what it is they have to do
to stay alive as they have no clue
and work at the jobs that the rich men provide
a mere pittance is all their work will derive

Luckily for me I have enough money saved
to see me through to the end of my days
nothing like the one percent
on whose money mine makes no dent
enough to keep me away from the ones
that stand on the corners looking for crumbs
and enough that one of those I can be
who hands out the dollars for those poorer than me
for at the end of the day if things hadn’t worked out
I could be one of those souls that this stories about.

Written 10/10/2018


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