My Little Dog

Ginny the new girl

Ginny, the last one remaining of the original dogs…

I lost one of my dogs today
she was not there in time to play
she had her shots the day before
and I knew she was a little sore
I watched her wander out into the yard
and settle down on the deck so hard
I thought she would probably sleep for a while
from soreness to be free
when I looked up she was gone
and I hadn’t seen her go
so I walked out into the yard
and started searching high and low
calling her name again and again
in an all to familiar refrain
Ginnie, Ginnie-Girl, I called
where are you was the cry
but true to form no sound was borne
no barks or whines leaving me forlorn
I searched and searched in the hope
of finding a trace  of my little girl
I searched for an hour or maybe two
but ended up with nary a clue
and then I heard a familiar bark
as Mikey found something new
he had not helped to show the way
to find his buddy with whom he plays
but his bark brought another too
as Ginnie answered in a muffled tone
so I figured that under the deck
she had manage to crawl all alone
although I really haven’t a clue
where she found the entrance to
for I thought that I had blocked it all up
so that the dogs would not venture there
for fear that the snakes would find it cool
and a place to shelter without fear
I took down a piece of the lattice to see
if my little girl would come to me
but she ignored my plea to come
and left me standing all alone
wondering just what was the next move
I would have to crawl in there I supposed
and then I turned only to see
my little girl walking free
limping a little from yesterdays shots
feeling sorry for herself for getting lost
as I made a fuss helped a little in part
by Mikey, tail wagging, adding his bark.


Mikey looking very bright

Written 8/14/2018

20 thoughts on “My Little Dog

  1. Oh my gosh! I thought that she was gone and just couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard from you about it. I was so relieved; I can just imagine how you felt.

    Those pups are all lucky to have you!

      • Gabbie is not OK. She’s been very disoriented and confused. We think that she may have had a stroke. We will be taking her in to the vets next week, unfortunately, to (in all likelihood) have her put to sleep. Marla and i are both very saddened by this; unfortunately, dogs have relatively short lives. She is over 16 years old and we don’t want her to suffer any longer. (Seems like the problems always happen with animals on the weekends when the vets are not in.)

        • Tom, I am so sorry to hear your news. The worst part of having dog companions is the shortness of their lives. They are just not around long enough. My thoughts are with you and Maria.

  2. Oh my dear Francis! Such suspense throughout….I am truly happy that I lost Ginny means I couldn’t find her…..To many wonderful years together 🙂
    Apart from that a great post by the way!!!

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