Looking for a Subject

Some of the blogs that come into my mail box that I take the time to read are obviously written with the Author struggling to find a central theme for that particular blog and at the same time, they are having the uncontrollable sensation that they ABSOLUTELY MUST post something or all kinds of bad things are going to happen. The end result is a single picture or a bunch of words apologizing for not having anything to write about and almost begging the readers to forgive the Author for being so dumb (literally).

Guess what folks, in the big scheme of things none of your fellow bloggers will really care if you post or not. In fact, if you are one of those that post several times a day, your followers are probably glad that you have nothing more to say so they can have a rest from you and spend time with other bloggers. The same is true of those of you who for whatever reasons have not blogged in a while and then when you do, are full of apologies for not being active. Your readers are not looking for an apology, all they want is another good blog to read and admire so even if you have been away, if your stuff is worth reading, your blogger friends will find you. Bloggers and blog readers are a fickle lot and if your blog is missing for any length of time, they will quickly move on to someone new to follow.

Guess what started this tirade, Yes, you got it. The lack of a subject to blog about. Therefore, I am in the same category as those of you with nothing to say and yet managed to put together a blog to say just that…nothing.

Written 6/26/2018

8 thoughts on “Looking for a Subject

  1. Haha, I love this! Some of my favorite bloggers are the ones who post infrequently, because their posts are of such high quality. In fact, I think that my own posts were better when I only posted once a weeks or so. All the blogging gurus say, “OMG YOU HAVE TO POST EVERY SINGLE DAY OR YOUR SEARCH RANKINGS WILL DROP OMG!!!”, but isn’t there more to life (and blogging) than search rankings?

    • So much depends on the author. If they are honest and interesting in their blogs, they will always have followers. I have taken the “Like” off my blogs and left the “Comments” and I still have a lot to read every day.

  2. Yes, some people — not you, Francis — blog way too much (i.e., with several posts per day) and it gets a bit irritating.
    If people do not blog much and are running out of things to blog about, here is a simple suggestion. Do a pic with a simple 3-line Haiku poem. Often a picture is worth a thousand words and a Haiku is icing on the cake! 🙂

    • Better yet, if you have run out of things to say, don’t blog at all until something does come to mind. I can guarantee that any folks that follow your blog will understand…

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