As most of you that read my blogs already know, I am a Democrat and I really don’t have too much time for the current President for many reasons. I don’t plan on going into them here but would like to comment on the American way of how Politics are run.

Being from the old country where a stiff upper lip and a gentleman’s word really meant something, at least back in the day. I was there long enough to vote in several elections and apart from flyers stuck on every pole and the occasional Town Hall Meeting, most of the aspiring politicians knocked on doors to get their message out. Of course, I am talking of the time period when TV was comparatively new and the BBC who stood for no nonsense or advertising on their programs and was at the time, the only TV and Radio available. Later on, ITV, an independent and commercialized station came on the air giving the general population a choice of watching the riffraff shows on ITV or the very British and straight laced shows on BBC.

The point is that I cannot remember for the life of me ever contributing to any of the aspiring MP’s (Member of Parliament) in their quest for election. I’m sure they must have held some sort of fundraisers if only to pay for the printing of the above mentioned flyers. Whether they got elected or re-elected certainly did not hinge on the amount of money they had raised which brings me to the point of this blog. By the way, I have no idea what English Politics is like nowadays. It could be as bad as the American Way for all I know.

As like most people, my inbox is bombarded with emails from the different would be politicians all asking me to vote for them and “oh by the way, It would be really great if you could chip in yet another dollar or ten as my opponent is currently beating us in raising funds”. Now I am not averse to making the occasional contribution understanding the need to cover some of the outlandish expenses that running for any office seems to generate but I have to admit that I am really sick and tired of every email requesting such funds. They all start with, “My Opponent is outspending me by…”

When I look at the vast amount of funds that it takes to run for most political office on the National and State level, the mind boggles. It seems that it doesn’t matter what message you are trying to get out, unless you plaster it all over the media, your chances of success are very limited. Gone are the days when a persons personality and the ability to appeal to the general public would get them into office. Now it is based on whatever the spin doctors can get out there.

There is something majorly wrong with the American Election System when Politicians are already bought and in the pockets of the various groups and organizations and lobbyists from the first minute they take office. What chance does Democracy have for the average Joe when the almighty buck rules the day and that many working class Americans pay the price either indirectly or otherwise.

One thing I do know is that nowadays when I read an email requesting money for a political cause or get something in the mail, I just ignore them. I have figured out that I can’t change things for the better as the system is now too corrupt so I might as well keep my money in my pocket, vote for my candidates of choice when the time comes and hope that somewhere and some when, the country will wake up and the average Joe will realize that he is being made a complete and utter fool, used for someone else’s benefit.

Maybe I should become a Politician and get me some of the cash…

Written May 31, 2018

15 thoughts on “Politics

  1. I don’t know how anyone from either party can be satisfied with the state of the nation. It is so depressing; nothing seems to matter except money and power. Despite all of the talking about the flag and pride in the nation, our politicians are only interested in being elected and appealing to those who will line their pockets.Too many have become wealthy while feeding at the public trough. Disgusting!

    • The thing that I don’t understand is how the current government and Republicans in particular seem to be concentrating their efforts on doing as much damage as is possible to all of the various and different programs that are out there for those in need. They seem to be targeting the poor and needy and yes, even the middle class in an effort to strip them of their financial assistance and the many legitimate programs that have been in place for years and at the same time doing everything they can to make the wealthy 1 percent even wealthier. I just don’t get it. They should have to live by the same standards as those in need…

  2. Politics is a sad joke in America these days. Yes, the $ rules… and there are so many superficial people out their who are easily influenced. Fox News, according to accurate reports, has been showing separated children in cages, saying that they are not cages but walls made of out of chain-link fences. Twighlight Zone zombies swallow this kind of thing! It’s malignant!

  3. Amen. This country’s politics are so far gone, I’d almost use the E word to describe the current US government. There are some elected officials I have faith in, but I don’t see them getting elected to higher offices than the ones they already occupy.

    What we really need is a major voter turnout; larger than has been seen in decades. We need a major turnover in both the executive and legislative branches – the vast majority of these clowns need to go.

    • I agree. The problem is that there is so much corruption that it is hard to separate if there are any of the good guys left. We need to clean house and vote in a bunch of new and hopefully honest politicians.

      • Yes.
        Boy Howdy did the Lincoln Project break my heart. I’m slightly left of center..but let’s face it during the 80’s the entire country picked up and moved right. In the old days I could debate my rich Republican friends but at the end we’d agree to meet for lunch the following week or work together on a community project. There is a small handful of evil people who pandered to the lowest common denominator of hate and changed my friends and other Republicans into people who cannot debate but rather hurl bizarre unfounded accusations, do nothing for their community because the community should pull itself up and other..surprisingly unpleasant activities. So.Much.Hate. Apparently not all of us read. Propaganda works.

        • I think that we are in a totally different environment than it was years ago. It seems to be impossible for either party to work with the other creating stagnation and bad feelings all around. They can no longer agree to disagree and work to get things done. I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future.

          • After watching Mr. Obama reach out to the right again and again the first 4 years of his administration, I would disagree. The best thing the Republicans have done is convince the Independents both sides are equally bad.

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