Audiobooks and writing.


For those of you that follow my blogs, you know that I am a big fan of Audiobooks reserved strictly for listening whilst out driving in the car. I do not listen at home with the single exception of when I am in the hot tub relaxing after a long hike and then sometimes, I will bring out the portable speaker as I soak and unwind.

Even though I write a blog and to date have posted over 700 articles, I do not consider myself a writer in the strict sense of the word. No, I am a reporter that can write an interesting (I hope) narrative of something that has occurred that usually, I have been involved in. Whether it be a hike or an Austin Pond Society Meeting or a poem, they are all things that I have been a part of or lucky enough to witness. Sometimes, I will get on my high horse and start ranting about something that I find disturbing that is happening in the rest of the World outside of my little part of it. I like to think I have an interesting style, enough for my readers to enjoy but as we are all different, I can only hope.

Which brings me to the reason for this blog. I have tried several times to write a novel and in a couple of cases have even written over 500 or more pages on a story but have never been very happy with the end result and have never pursued it further. As I listen to a story on Audiobooks, a part of my mind is trying to figure out where the story is going and what might be the next step the hero or heroine will take. Sometimes, I get it right but most of the time, my mind is just not devious enough to figure things out. Some of the twists and turns I would never have expected and when they go in a particular direction, my mind is in awe of the writer’s ingenuity. I guess that is what makes some writers truly great and some stories super interesting when nothing is as it seems.

What will I write about when I can no longer hike and have given up my interest in ponds as a hobby? Does that mean that I will also give up writing (reporting) as I will no longer have these things to write (report) on or will my mind grow more devious as I age? I suppose that in all probability, my mind will also deteriorate as I get older along with all of the other physical aspects of living. Maybe I will lose the ability to put one word after another to make an interesting story. This will pretty much solve the dilemma of writing or reporting if I will not be able to do either. I can probably fall back to writing bad poetry as a few disjointed and mangled or missing words here and there will not be noticed.

Who knows what the future may hold. With limited time left on this earth all I can hope for that other than getting more and more forgetful, the rest of the brain still knows how to act and will continue to function until I no longer care. At that point, goodbye world.

AND I can listen to Audiobooks on my way out….

Written 9/28/2017

13 thoughts on “Audiobooks and writing.

  1. I always enjoy your writing. I have a feeling we will be hearing from you for a very long time. I write because it makes me happy. Even if no one read my stories, I would still enjoy writing them. Take care, and have a wonderful Christmas.

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    • I suppose that I too write because it makes me happy. More than anything else, it gives me a feeling of great satisfaction when a piece turns out particularly well. Thanks for reading my stuff and you too have a great Holiday.


  2. Don’t know if this will help or not. I’ve struggled with writing for years and often have lost my desire to do so. I took a writing class many years ago and one thing still stands out today: “all stories do not need an ending.” Try leaving a hint that there may be more to come later. You already do this to a small degree and I find myself looking for your posts every day. Write your book and leave the end hanging, and who knows, maybe someone will look forward to the next installment. I will be one of those…

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  3. Sir, you are your biggest critic so maybe you need to loosen up a bit and just tell the reader decide whether it was a good or bad end product. There is no use to be so harsh on yourself because you indeed write wonderfully well and a part of you know that too.
    Let your creativity free so that it can bring out your masterpiece.

    Looking forward to reading your book someday.

    Warm regards,


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