Taking the time…


Have you ever taken the time
to look around you at the checkout line
and what is it that becomes known
that everyone has their phone
busy scanning just in case
as around the store they did race
they might have missed a call or two
and if they did what would they do
shrivel up and die because of the loss
maybe it was a call from their boss
or better yet one from the kids
telling her they are in a fix
and whatever the trouble may be
its instant contact so Mother can see
that they are OK no harm done
no need to hurry we’re having fun
and out to the car to make the drive home
once more to check on the phone
just in case between here and there
another text comes in wanting to share
did you get the ice cream this one reads
and on it goes until one needs
to turn it off to get some relief
for personal time there is no belief
all the time that you have the phone
you will never be alone.

Written 9/22/2017



8 thoughts on “Taking the time…

  1. I believe that the shit piece of technology that we bring with us wherever we go, it does makes us lonely. We only just don’t see how virtual our life have become, we don’t take the pity out of ourselves to remind ourselves that we need to be true, meet people on the way or half way, send a letter through the post – it was an exercise of walking down to the post office. But no, heck, everything is done wirely though another piece of shit sitting on our table at home or that piece of crap in our had that keep ringing with some big rounded yellow head emoticons that keeps smiling at us. We have come to forget that we are receiving some fake smiles. Where next in this so called “Modern World” – I wouldn’t even want to imagine it. It has become disgusting and out of character.

  2. The problem is that most people have become desensitized to the world around us. They think that technology is their answer when in fact it is the major cause of the problem. Everything has a use. Recognizing just what that is and then living within those boundaries has bypassed many humans.

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