I recently just lost a friend
one I have known for many years
another Englishman like me
straight here from the Old Country
a funny guy with a quick dry wit
a story to tell that rolled off his tongue
the times together were never dull
and in conversations there was never a lull
a mighty athlete on the soccer field
he was paid to play the game we love
skilfull  enough to be a pro
which brought him here years ago
he retired from playing and became a coach
teaching young kids on how to play
with gift of the gab and his English wit
the kids just loved hearing him say
“bloody hell” his favorite expression when
one of them screwed up again
he had a minor heart attack
while out running on the track
and ended up with a stent
and a bypass with the intent
of making him fit and well to return
to the land of the living with no concerns
this was several years ago
and I am happy to say he lived a good life
and met a lady to spend his time
and even almost made her his wife
they lived together for a few years
sometimes even with a few tears
as they went through the usual unmarried woes
keeping each other on their toes
till finally just a few weeks ago
they had the most terrible fight
so bad that it turned off the light
of any remaining feelings they had
and left them both feeling mad
my friend called me to say
that he was flying out the next day
back to the land where he was born
and that I should not mourn
but to make the most of our friendship here
and to say goodby with good cheer
we shook hands and gave a hug
and said take care and stay in touch
but the truth of the matter as we well know
even email and smartphones all the go
we probably will never see
or even speak to each other again
I surely will miss my old friend
for his wit and humor dry as can be
as life goes on maybe we are apart
and his memories will live on in my heart.

18 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Got lucky on the hummingbird as I was taking a picture of the thistle and it flew into the picture. Sweet, sad and funny describes the poem and my feelings perfectly. Thanks for the comment.

  2. There is no reason to become disconnected with your friend of so many years. Since he was such a good friend for such a long time, you should put it on your calendar to give him a call. When we left Louisiana 10 years ago, there were some people that I was going to miss so much. I talk to them on the phone and share pictures and stories about what we’re doing. There’s no reason not to chat occasionally, you just have to make the effort. Call him at Christmas, you’ll be glad you did. Bj

    • Hey this is a poem. I didn’t say it was all true and in some cases I needed to find things that rymed. Just kidding. Actually, he called me just the other day so I at least have a phone number…

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