Fifty Years and Counting…

dsc_4586It is fifty years since I set sail
far away from that distant shore
leaving behind all I had known
hoping my dream was not alone.

I had no reason that I should leave
away from the land that I called home
but given the chance for a future untold
a new land to visit and behold.

My Mother was there to welcome me
along with those of my family
pleased that we had decided to come
to make our American family as one.

Fifty years have passed since that day
my Mother has also passed away
the family has grown and to pastures new
all that remains are memories so few.

As I look back to that day
when a new life before us lay
I think how different if we had stayed
what other games we might have played.

The past is something come and gone
and we have to keep moving on
decisions made are there to stay
as time marches along the way.

If I could do it over again
would I still have travelled all this way
to spend my life in a country so new
the answer to that is I haven’t a clue.



18 thoughts on “Fifty Years and Counting…

  1. You inspire me dear friend! You’re a poet and I know it, because your feet are “longfellows”!!!

  2. I can relate to this in so many ways. I’ve been in the US almost 45 years now. My parents, who came out to live with us, have now passed on and the family is all grown up and spread around the country. I honestly don’t know if I would make the same choices if I had my time to live over again but once you’ve made the move, sometimes there’s no going back.

    • Interesting how close our stories are. I have a friend who has just returned to the UK and he says it’s permanent. For myself, I really like the Texas weather and the thought of all of that rain is depressing not to mention cold and gloomy. Thanks for commenting.

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