Looking Back.

dsc_4587Looking back over the year
with all of the things that I have seen
in my little world which is very singular to me.

It started great with a birthday cake
and friends who would not let me forget
that I am now eighty.

The summer with it’s one hundred degrees
were not very frequent this time around
and it rained… a lot.

Everything grew tall and even taller
it’s hard to see the ponds amid the plants
through the very lush greenery.

Friends died and new ones were born
such is the nature of life
we live and we are gone.

The country went mad at election time
choosing a man whose main goal in life,
is himself.

One of my long time and faithful doggy friends
died in my arms
and I was sad.

Another walked into my life
helping to fill the void
and I am glad.

I walked a lot and took many pictures
of this beautiful world here in Texas
and posted them for all to see.

The year is coming to a close
when you read this
there are just three more days.

Welcome to 2017.

15 thoughts on “Looking Back.

  1. I see you through your beautiful word here. The way you bid bye to the year that has gone inspires.
    I observe you come and visit my blog and always put your like but have never commented on my posts. I sincerely feel you being an experienced thoughtful person should contribute your opinions and thoughts. They shall be of immense value to all of us.
    Your presence is of esteem, which you can show by commenting on blog posts.
    Please do not mistake me.
    I only feel it is your and our privilege.

    • Shiva. Thank you for being frank with me regarding comments. I do comment a lot on the blogs that I read but as I get around 200 blogs a day, it is impossible for me to find the time to read and comment on more than a half dozen or so. I apologize if I have not yet commented on yours but will make a bigger effort to do so. Thank you again for speaking your thoughts.

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