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dsc_4181I have been a citizen of the United States since 1976 and was very pleased and honored to be allowed to become one. Although there are no immediate rewards for citizenship other than a sense of pride, when the elections roll around and there always seems to be something that requires my vote whether it be at the local city or state level all the way to the most recent National Election.

I have always tried to vote whenever the opportunity arose because I felt it to be a duty as a new member of this great country. I have never usually ever got involved with any of the people that I voted for. Some were people that I knew of, others were people recommended by friends and many were Democrats that I ticked if I voted along party lines.

This past election was the first that I got actively involved at least in the sense that I sent money to the Hillary Clinton Fund. Quite a bit of money as it turns out. Voting in any election is a bit of a gamble as you hope that you are on the side of the majority. This time around, I was way off on my predictions although I have to admit so were many other people. That doesn’t make the loss any easier but at least I can be proud of my choice.

I am a bit concerned that with  both the House and the Senate and now the future President under Republican control, some of the issues that have been passed over the last 8 years will all get undone and replaced with other more expensive methods. I suppose that I should not worry for myself as there is not too much that can be affected by many of the changes that will be forthcoming, just as long as Social Security is not affected that is, but things like climate change and clean air and programs to save the Wilderness and National Parks are also likely to be targeted. Big business will have much more say under the new regime and even though I hate to say it, all of the promises that Trump has made to the “little” guy and his supporters on his way to his victory will probably end up as just words with very little action unless there is some benefits to big business. His claim of bringing back jobs are really all pie in the sky as so many of them have been lost not to overseas competition but to the advent of computerization that has replaced the need for manpower.

I half jokingly said that I would move back to England if Trump was elected. There are several things that go against that one being the awful weather that they have over there. It was one of the main reasons that I came over here in the first place when I was given the opportunity. Way too much rain and cold for my liking after living here in Texas for these past 40 years. I have grown accustomed to very mild winters and long hot days of summer and wearing shorts all the year long. At almost 81 years of age, I am a bit long in the tooth to be moving and starting over although I am still sorely tempted to find me 10 acres of land in the back of beyond and build a small cabin and spend the rest of my remaining days living my dream. I could build my own trails and walk whenever I wanted too without getting in my car.

As for the election, this will be the last time I ever get so heavily involved. For me, the gamble didn’t pay off and my side lost. What was forecast as a several point win turned out to be a landslide for the other team. True to form, my candidate surrendered gracefully but I know she has to be bitterly disappointed as are her followers.Now, all we can do is wait and see what happens and whether Donald Trump will come through for all of the people that make up these United States.

BTW, this is still the greatest country in the world and although I am still very British at heart, stiff upper lip and all of that, I am also proud to be an American.

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    • I don’t think that the American public will be outfoxed a second time unless he does all of the right things which I don’t think he will. Still thinking about those ten acres and a small cabin in the back of nowhere…

      • I always thought that people are same (gullible ) everywhere and your election proved me right, (it’s not only the third world). I love your pictures of trail, would love to do that someday, hope you have your cabin ready by then.

  1. I can definitely relate to what you’re saying. And I very much fear that Trump is only out to help one person. Trump. The Presidency has unfortunately gone from class to crass in my humble opinion.

  2. Of course I didn’t know you were originally from Britain. I enjoyed your thinking process on this piece and the rational way you described the sorry state our country is now in.

    • I think what really has me worried is to discover that almost half of the country is so uptight about what they conceive to be the have and the have nots. It worries me even more for them to believe that a fellow like Trump gives a damn what they think and will help them to be something else. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Interesting article! 🙂 Personally, one is a global citizen who feels that belonging to separate countries tends to support division between people that leads to war and other problems. We did, this time, vote for Hilary, though, as Trump seemed so anti-environment, tyrannical, full of racism and hatred, and unstable. We really liked Bernie Sanders, but he didn’t get nominated.
    Our world is in trouble… real trouble.

    • Tom, thanks for responding and yes, I agree, it is just not our own country that is in trouble. I have two sons in England and they are complaining about the Brexit issue over there.

  4. Personally, the basic lack of civility, race and gender baiting, bothers me and how a woman could vote for him, I don’t get it. But woman stay married to wife beaters. As an Over50 white guy with some money, heck I might come out ahead. The country survived the civil war, Nixon, Bush43’s ludicrous response to 9-11 in Iraq which still has the Middle East in a deteriorating condition. How /why folks vote against their interest, who knows? We can survive a billionaire raiding e coffers, heck that is normal in many countries.

  5. I too was bitterly disappointed in the outcome and am still struggling with my shock as the new government forms. I think we are in for a really tough time. Like you, I’m unlikely to be personally affected, but I do care tremendously about the nation and it’s people. I have children and grandchildren here as well who will have to deal with the fallout for years to come. We are all going to have to stand up, now more than ever, for the principles of kindness, sustainability, respect, individual freedom, and truth.

  6. I understand how you are feeling. I can only hope that this was a much needed wake up call and that when the next election comes around we will show up and vote. There is nothing we can do now. I think that as long as we keep the Republicans on the defensive, they will never see Donald with their own eyes. They will only see him through the fog of their defense of him, if that makes sense. I think if we just sit back and allow the fog to lift and see for themselves who he really is, it won’t be long before they do and his jig will be up. Time will tell though. But we are strong, and we can handle anything. We have been through so much, Donald Trump certainly will not be the end of us. (I hope)

    • I am a little worried about those followers that Trump “woke up” with his rhetoric. They are not just going to disappear and could present problems down the road. Thanks for commenting

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