Time Marches On


September has come and gone
as the year moves quickly on
where did it go this month just past
just like the others it went by fast.
when I was just a little lad
spending time with my Dad
it never went by as quick its clear
and time with him would last and last
something that I did not know
for me the time was going slow
but his life was speeding by
and in the twinkle of an eye
he was gone and life had changed
and would never be the same again.

Those were many years ago
and time that seemed so very slow
now is trying hard to mislead
zipping by with so much speed
racing towards that finish line
as eventually we run out of time
with nothing left, we used it all
if only time we could reinstall
or rewind that big clock on the wall
and turn back the time to something new
to the beginning when time was slow
that my Dad and I used to know…

And then we die…

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