It’s Back…

HotWeatherThe heat, the bloody Texas heat
is back with us again
though Spring did last till the start of June
it too has finally passed.

Now we are back to our normal climes
no rain or clouds in the sky
but one thing we can be sure
the sun is shining bright.

Temperatures of 100 degrees
are now getting to be the norm
and the only time to be outside
is early in the morn.

Do I mind how hot it gets
depends on what I’m doing
if I’m just walking around the yard
then I don’t feel like I’m stewing.

If I want to take a hike
or work outside a while
then I do not like the heat
as it make me feel fragile.

I spend a lot of time indoors
making up silly ditties
got to do something to pass the time
even if they are quite clueless.


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