Going for a drive.


If I have been working out in the yard or sitting at my computer writing, I very often take a break late in the afternoon to go get a Starbuck’s Latte. If I don’t have to go grocery shopping, I sometimes take a drive out and about listening to an Audiobook and enjoying my drink. Currently, I am listening to Stephen King and the Dark Tower series and am totally enthralled by his magical writing. Oh, to have his mind and to dream up the scenarios that he does. All I can do is write about what I see or do or what others do. I just don’t have a devious enough mind that it requires to write a novel or a mystery. Too bad as I would really like to.

I never usually have any particular place to drive. I just let the car take me wherever it wants to go. This time, we headed towards Fitzhugh Road in West Austin, crossed Route 12 and continued along until turning off onto Bar Ten Creek Ranch Rd S. At one point, this road crosses Barton Creek which was flowing pretty good at the low water crossing. Not enough to be dangerous but enough to wash the tires. I happened to have a small older model Kodak that I carry with me for just such occasions and just had to stop to take some pictures. It is a good little camera and allows a certain amount of adjustment which is why I still keep it. I parked the car and proceeded to shoot a whole bunch of images of the creek and the road leading to it through the archway of trees which created a wonderful canopy. When I had taken all of the pictures I needed of the creek, I stopped a couple of other times to take more images of the road as it stretched out ahead of me and another of a view of trees and hills off to my right.

The Texas countryside has all kinds of beautiful pictures just waiting to be captured.

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