Austin Pond Society 22nd Annual Tour – N2

DSC_2855N2 – Mark and Tracy, Mt Bonnell area

This site will far exceed your expectations. The waterfall, which cascades over a 40-foot drop, is the largest that has ever been featured on the tour. From the top of the hill next to the home, follow the winding drive around the house and past the grassy area. Ahead, you’ll see the first waterfall and pond, which are formed of massive boulders. Follow the stream down the hillside to a second pond, then proceed to still another pond with a waterfall that drops over boulders into a fourth of about 2,000 gallons. At the base of the hill is an expansive lawn shaded by cypress and oak trees with an inlet to Ladybird Lake in the background. Gardens of native and adapted plants complement the naturalized setting.

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