The Beauty of Water Lilies and Lotus

Ripples Publication May 2015 PDF Final-CopyYesterday was the monthly meeting of the Austin Pond Society and as usual, was held in the Zilker Botanical Gardens. I arrived a little early and could not help but notice the beautiful show that the water lilies and lotus were putting on in The  Willy Birge Memorial Pond located at the entrance and  managed by Darren Bayhi and maintained by him with help from other society members.

Every year, he and bunch of APS volunteers empty this pond, scrub it out and then meticulously re-pot the lilies, lotus and other plants that reside there. Judging by the pictures, it is a job very well done. Usually, the water is pretty clear but for some unknown reason, it is currently having an algae bloom which has turned the water green. I am sure that Darren with his expertise will figure a way to clean the water up.

Below are a few pictures of the lilies and the lotus that are currently in bloom.

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