Beautiful Flowers at McKinney Spring 2016

I took another walk at McKinney mainly to take better pictures of the wonderful display of flowers that are happening this year. I brought my Macro lens with me this time on my D7200 Nikon and although the 16-300 Tamron lens is a great multi purpose lens and takes really good pictures, it can’t get as close as the Macro. Most of the flowers that I remembered from a couple of days ago are at the Highway 71 Trailhead at the very start of the trails where both Whitetail and Pine Ridge start. This area was subject to a major burn a few years ago and there are no large trees so there is plenty of sun.

I spent 30 or so minutes happily clicking away and in truth, just when I thought I had a great picture of a flower or group of flowers, not more than a few steps away were even more and better picture opportunities. I went a little nuts with the amount of images but I can’t remember such a wonderful display ever before.

If you click on any image, it will enlarge it to full size and then you can use the side arrows to move from image to image.

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