How was your Christmas?


Happy New Year- what will it bring?

Christmas has come and now Christmas has gone
and we get to carry on, with our lives
as they were before, without having to drive to the store
to choose gifts for those both near and dear
and for the others like workmates or friends
or rewards for services through the year.

What comes next you might say
take back the gifts and exchange for new
because they didn’t fit or were not you
and those who gave them are not to know
that the gift they chose with the utmost care
is not the one that you choose to share.

On this modern Christmas Day
little thought by those who act this way
that behind all the buying and receiving of gifts
are honest thoughts wishing you well
even though the gift may not tell
exactly what the other may say
if they were present on Christmas Day.

I wonder what Christmas would be like
if the law of the land was no gifts on this day
instead to celebrate with family and friends
the true meaning of Christmas straight from the heart
to get together and all play our part
to eat and drink and make merry this day
with family and friends in the friendliest way.

Happy New Year…


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