The Little Birds, a Miracle of Nature – Part 2

Pair of wrens

Pair of wrens

Success. What a wonderful word. I’m sure that it is very appropriate even when applied to acts of Nature. I’m talking about the Wrens and the babies they have been raising just 2 feet from my back door. See my original blog.

Yesterday, I went outside and spotted one of the babies on the ground under the nest. So I carefully picked it up and placed it back in the nest. Next thing I knew, the second baby jumped out and landed in a box containing glassware to be re-cycled. I fished that one out and put it back in the nest and the first one jumped out again and landed under a small step into the doggie door. I moved the step and rescued the baby bird and put it back in the nest and became aware that both of the parent birds were no more than 5-6 feet away from me and kicking up a fuss.

Then it dawned on me. The bird that I had seen yesterday on the brim of the hat was getting ready for the “big event” The birds were deliberately jumping out because it was time for them to leave the nest and all I was doing was getting in the way. My pathetic efforts of rescue were misguided so I hastily bid a quick retreat and from a safe distance, watched as the parent birds coaxed the babies into the air. The first couple of flights were short and ended up with the babies crashing onto the ground but finally they were up, although somewhat shakily, following their parents into the nearest tree.

Then I lost sight of them but could hear them still in the trees as they acclimatized themselves to their new mode of transport. I was so fortunate that I was able to witness this phase of the baby’s life and even luckier to be able to hold them both. They were so small and so delicate and yet perfectly formed. I walked around for the rest of the day like a proud father with his first newborn.

Today, when I went outside, I could hear the babies around somewhere as they demanded food from their parents but was not able to see them. I consider myself one of the lucky few to be able to watch Mother Nature in all of her glory, so close as these Wrens went about raising their two babies. I felt even more grateful that the babies survived to fly off and join the world of nature.

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