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I have been retired from the University of Texas where I worked for 22 or so years in many different capacities although all related to Managerial Roles within the Physical Plant for 13 years now. When people have asked in the past just where I worked, their immediate response was, “What did you teach”. I don’t know if that is a standard question or whether I have that imperial look of a very knowledgeable Professor type probably in the field of Literature or World History. Others have thought, because of my long years associated with the Soccer Program in Austin, that I might have been the Athletic Director or at the very least, Head Coach of the Women’s Soccer Program. Alas, I can lay no claims to any of those exalted positions and had to content myself to what I knew best which was the many aspects of Construction and Maintenance.I guess we can’t all be brainy or worthy enough to be Professors and hold Doctorate’s and after all, someone had the keep the place running and the ship afloat.

I was sitting here waiting for three videos to complete uploading to Vimeo, the video site I use for that purpose and the thought suddenly struck me that it is Saturday. I got to thinking what Saturday meant in years gone by and immediately the fact that I have been retired for so long hit me. To me, unless I have something specific arranged for this day like a Pond Tour or maybe a visit to someone or something, Saturday and Sunday are just like any other days of the week. They are not days off as for me every day is a day off. I can pick and choose what I do and when I do it and if what I have chosen to do falls on a Wednesday or any other day, I can go do it without having to call in sick or by using a vacation day.

Some of the places I like to hike like the Greenbelt or Bull Creek are very crowded on the weekends as every one of those mostly working people is trying to make the most of their days off. Me, on the other hand can go any day I choose to avoid those masses of humanity as they desperately try to make the most of their time. It is true that many things only occur on Saturdays or Sundays in which case, I am forced to join in with that mass of humanity if I want to participate. On those occasions, I just grin and bear it knowing that come Monday, these poor suckers have to go back to work for their weekly 9-5 shift. Been there and done that. I’ve served my time. Hooray for retirement…

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  1. Hi Frank,
    I’ve been following you blog every since I saw your ponds on a pond tour a few years ago. You always seemed familiar too me and today in reading your blog, I realized why. My daughter played for the Rangers a few years ago and I remember seeing you around there. It’s a small world.

    • Yes it is. I have people come up to me and tell me that I coached their children years ago. Those were wonderful times and thanks for remembering and for following my blog.

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